“What is the average bounce rate for my industry? Is my site too slow? Where should I focus my attention to get the biggest returns from my digital channels?”

We recently launched our 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report, and this year we’re serving up more data points and expert analysis than ever before. We crunched data from 46 billion user sessions across 3,870 global websites from January 1 to December 31, 2021 to learn more about the evolution of online experience and how customer behavior has changed. And we want to share these insights with you, too. 

It’s been hard to whittle our favorite reasons down to just five, but here are the front-runners for why you’ll want to download your copy pronto (and share it with your entire digital team, too). 

You’ll gain access to our largest-ever compilation of CX benchmarks.

At Contentsquare, we believe in the power of data for everyone. That’s why for 2022 we took things up a notch to provide more customer experience analysis and behavioral trends than ever before.

Why? Because we want to level the playing field for companies of all sizes, regardless of their level of resources and data analysis capabilities. And that comes down to giving everyone access to the data they need to draw accurate conclusions about their own digital performance. After all, the more data the better.

So, here’s a snapshot of how we’ve levelled up the data from our side to help you switch up gears on yours…

Benchmark data: 2021 vs 2022

Our 2021 Report  Our 2022 Report 
  • Insights drawn from 20 billion user sessions
  • Insights drawn from 46 billion user sessions
  • Analysis across 11 industries
  • Analysis across 14 industries
  • CX performance across 900+ websites
  • CX performance across 3,870+ websites
  • Analysis of 51 data points 
  • Analysis of 74 data points
  • 3 YoY trend comparisons
  • 16 YoY trend comparisons


Yep, we’ve really gone to town this year with huge expansions to data depth and segmentation insights. So whether you’re looking for help prioritizing your digital roadmap, data to justify your strategy to your boss, or simply the most up-to-date statistics to look suave in your next team meeting (no shame), we’re delivering the goods to help you get there. It’s your time to shine!

You’ll learn where you fall within your industry’s competitive landscape.

With so much competition out there, it can be hard to understand where to find your brand’s competitive advantage. From bounce rate and average time spent on page to conversion rate and scroll rate, our report dives into key CX performance metrics across 14 different industries to show you exactly how you stack up against not just your direct competition but the wider market, too. 

Our in-depth CX analysis covers:

  • Fashion
  • Automotive
  • B2B
  • Beauty
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Grocery
  • Home goods and furnishings
  • Luxury
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Telecoms 

Plus, three brand new categories for 2022; media, pharmaceuticals, and consumer electronics. So, save yourself and your team hours of time analyzing competitor strategies and get the key metrics you need delivered to your inbox in seconds.


Uncover trends for crucial digital KPIs

Access the 2024 Digital Experience Benchmarks Report and Interactive Explorer.

Access the Benchmarks


You’ll gain expert insight into shifts in global user behavior.

The last few years have been a whirlwind by anyone’s standards, but what effect has the global pandemic had on our online buying behavior? Have some industries been affected more than others? And how can these insights help us make predictions about the future?

In this report, we dive into some of the biggest shifts in global user behavior and highlight exactly what this means for brands. From the new digital behaviors that are here to stay to the ones that left as quickly as they arrived, delve into our expert analysis on shifting consumer preferences in the wake of some of the unsteadiest economic years in recent history.

You’ll uncover opportunities to help you build a data-driven strategy.

The more data you have at your fingertips, the better decisions you can make for your business. We’ve crunched the numbers to bring you 74 individual data points to analyze your CX performance against.

“With all the data at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to understand why people behave the way they do online; what delights them, what frustrates them, and everything in between. Behavioral data has emerged as the digital team’s biggest customer experience ally, making online customer journeys just as visible as the offline ones.”

– Jon Cherki, CEO at Contentsquare

From bounce rate and average order value to time spent on page and page views, our report provides key benchmark data from your industry to help you determine your biggest opportunities for growth. Use these insights to prioritize your roadmap and deliver the digital optimizations that’ll pack the biggest punch, benchmarking your performance against both your industry and the market leaders. Remove the guesswork from your digital strategy and enjoy cold, hard data to back up every decision you make this year.

You’ll discover the secret sauce (aka the best perk you can offer your customers).

Having analyzed the data from our biggest data set yet, we’ve uncovered one huge learning for any brand looking to succeed in 2022. In this report, we share the one mantra your entire digital team should live by.

Intrigued? You should be. Because if you nail this essential item in your digital strategy, success is yours for the taking. But you’ll have to download the report to find out what (and where) it is…


Dive deeper with Contentsquare

At Contentsquare, we empower digital teams with invaluable insights into their customer experience. Our annual Digital Experience Benchmark Report is a favorite among both customers and prospects alike, packed full of CX analysis and insight that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Our aim is to show you how your CX performance stacks up against others in your industry to help you make important decisions about where to focus your attention and resources to gain a competitive advantage. Download the report today.