Why leveling the field for digital data is paramount to the online experience


Niki Hall

September 2, 2021 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Today’s an exciting day for Contentsquare. Following a $500M Series E funding announcement, we went on to put that investment into good use by unveiling new products and making two key acquisitions: Upstride, to bolster AI innovation, and today, Hotjar.  

Our connection with Hotjar runs deep. Not only is it the leader in digital experience analytics for SMBs and mid-market — complementing our enterprise-level solutions — but more importantly, we share in their mission to democratize data, giving ALL companies the benefit of digital insight. Together, Contentsquare and Hotjar will make digital experience analytics available to brands regardless of size, ultimately benefiting consumers with top-notch, data-powered experiences. This step towards true data democratization is going to shape the future of how we all interact online; how brands connect with people and improve every digital journey. 

Our combined mission to power personalized customer experiences with data will shape the future of Customer Experience by rooting its evolution in real-life consumer behavior, needs, desires, intent, and happiness. Joining forces will give businesses — of every size and across every industry — the tools they need to better understand customers, and design and deliver experiences that truly matter and are valued. Gone will be the days of clunky experiences or frustrated consumers. No matter how big or small the brand, their customers will benefit. 

With this acquisition, Contentsquare’s role and influence will grow, using the best of data analytics, AI, and website optimization solutions to inform brands on ways to improve customer experiences across the board, allowing them to learn ways to market more effectively, all the while giving customers tailored experiences that meet their expectations, needs, and preferences. Key components of our acquisition of Hotjar include: 

  • Joining forces allows us to serve the market end-to-end — from entrepreneurs & SMBs to Enterprises globally, and to empower teams of ALL sizes to build better digital experiences.
  • Hotjar’s existing clients have a partner that will grow with them. As organizations recover post-pandemic, Hotjar and Contentsquare will be able to support a company’s business as it succeeds. When it’s time for a more robust, enterprise-level platform, we’ll be there and the transition will be smooth. Our role as a strategic partner is for the long-term, and with access to Contentsquare’s resources and solutions, Hotjar will be able to help them get to the next level faster.  
  • Consumers will benefit from clean, carefully curated experiences that meet them where they are, addressing their preferences and needs. Brands will be able to streamline their digital properties and focus on what’s most valuable to their audiences. 
  • Partnering will provide access to easily-digestible data to people beyond marketing or IT groups. Hotjar’s strength in product management (a streamlined, straightforward solution) and Contentsquare’s strength in marketing (a multi-layered, enterprise-level solution) will forge the relationship between different stakeholders and pave the way for better collaboration and alignment. 
  • Contentsquare will better serve the industry as a whole by expanding its data footprint through Hotjar. With the amalgamation of data from both the mid-market and the enterprise, we’ll learn a ton, collectively nurture our product strategies with insight from the entire market, and better hone innovation to respond to real market challenges and needs as they evolve.

I couldn’t say it better than David Darmanin, Founder and Chairman at Hotjar, “The organizations that can adapt, iterate and craft amazing experiences will be the leaders of tomorrow. We want to help these leaders get ahead”. We look forward to enabling this together.

Join me in welcoming the Hotjar team to the Contentsquare family. We’re thrilled to be a part of your growth and look forward to partnering to achieve our goals faster and with more confidence as we tackle what’s ahead.