Jonathan Cherki

June 26, 2019 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Dec 8, 2023

What keeps digital teams up at night keeps us up at night too — how to ensure customers are getting the experience they want and have come to expect each and every time they connect with your brand. We’ve spent the last seven years anticipating the needs of businesses in the experience era, but there’s always more we can do to help brands get the full picture of customer behavior and expectations.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that today, with our acquisition of Pricing Assistant, we’ve just added the e-merchandising piece to the customer insights puzzle.

Optimizing e-merchandising and product strategy to stay competitive

Based out of Paris and developed as part of the French Tech startup ecosystem, this ambitious company has revolutionized the way brands can leverage pricing, product, delivery, inventory, ratings, and reviews data to stay competitive and close to consumer preferences. With its proprietary web crawling technology, Price Assistant tracks market movements to keep brands updated with timely, competitive product information.

It can tell you what other vendors and marketplaces are also selling a particular product, whether or not your competitors have the item in stock, how much they charge for shipping, etc. The technology can also index customer reviews, flag promos or discounts other vendors may be offering, and even alert you of any changes that could impact your sales. In short, these benchmarks give you a 360-degree understanding of product performance.

Adding these mission-critical capabilities to our digital behavior metrics will help teams predict which customer segments are likely to buy or not, unlocking a whole new level of intent-driven optimization. Brands will be able to target the right audience for a product, refine their pricing strategy, and promote products when they’re most likely to drive conversions.

This addition makes us the only experience insights platform to integrate merchandising and exhaustive product intelligence into our solution. And of course — that’s just the start. What’s even more exciting about this acquisition is that we have a team of pricing and merchandising experts joining the Contentsquare ranks in the Paris office. Together with our product team, they’ll continue to work on expanding the predictive capabilities of our insights so brands can feel confident they are delivering the most impactful ecommerce experience every time.

E-merchandising: towards a deeper understanding of customer happiness

Because impactful experiences require a deep understanding of customers — what they want, what they are trying to achieve on your site, the value they expect from your brand. And while a seamless interface and clear brand message are crucial to a good experience, let us not forget that a brand’s catalog of products is critical to the progress and completion of a customer journey. After all, that’s why visitors come to your site in the first place!

And while many brands have understood the importance of controlling and improving the experience at home, the truth is that even journeys on your own site are open to outside influence, with consumers used to hopping between sites to compare prices and find the best value. And that’s exactly the type of information Pricing Assistant’s technology is able to provide businesses, by monitoring e-merchandising information from thousands of commerce retailers on the web.

Being able to funnel this type of information — including product, inventory, delivery, reviews, pricing and promotions data — into your own site improvements will only enhance your ability to make customers feel heard and valued. It also means they won’t leave your site over something as easily fixed as pricing.

It’s an exciting new chapter for Contentsquare and for the hundreds of brands who trust us with their customer intelligence. We can’t wait to up the experience game and play our part in shaping tomorrow’s digital excellence.