Contentsquare Acquires eMerchandising Solution Pricing Assistant


Pricing Assistant joins Contentsquare

By acquiring the e-merchandising Pricing Assistant solution, Contentsquare has enriched its user behavior analysis platform with data on prices, products and competition.

The integration of the pricing and e-merchandising impacts with the analysis of customer behavior, now allows you to :

  • Optimize your pricing strategy 
  • Maximize your sales


Our Merchandising Analysis

Contentsquare Merchandising is an add-on module to Contentsquare Digital that helps e-merchandising teams identify products to promote, define their best placement and their ideal price.

Contentsquare Merchandising enables you to optimize eCommerce performance by combining customer journey information, product catalog data and competitor prices.

All of it on one single Experience Analytics platform. 

« Contentsquare is used by our merchandising team. We have 5 other brands and 35,000 SKUs, so it’s a lot of decisions to make; which products need to be featured on which page? What do we promote? How do we promote it? Our merchandising team is using a lot of data provided by Contentsquare to make better decisions. »

Joel Palix


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