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  • 3 min read

    Your ticket to great CX awaits: The destination? The DX Beach Club

    Set your calendars to OOO and get ready to shape customer experiences that’ll wipe even the most hardened of resting beach faces off at CX Circle: The DX Beach Club on June 2nd.   Our half-day event at the Ivy Sunroom, Sydney (and online) will take your CX international with brands like Telstra, Cashrewards, and L’Oreal on […]

    Emmie Hwang
  • 6 min read

    5 actionable insights from CX Circle 2022

    We’re dishing out key takeaways from our most popular CX Circle sessions. Dig in to get the latest digital CX trends, tips for collecting customer insight (that go beyond data analytics), and a framework for aligning your business and customer needs.  CX Circle = A day of digital goodness Glow sticks, disco yoga, and digital […]

    Nea Bjorkqvist
  • 3 min read

    5 very good reasons to attend CX Circle 2022 (The digital CX festival edition) 

    Watch out Glastonbury Festival ‘cause CX Circle is back 🎪 We’re throwing in glitter face paint, glow sticks, and a closing party so sassy Elton John would write a song about it. We’ve also lined up the best acts in digital customer experience: HSBC, Direct Line Group, Ocado, Classpass, and the list goes on.   […]

    Nea Bjorkqvist
  • 2 min read

    Digital and dynamic experiences: The key to differentiating your customer journey

    It’s irrefutable that digital, eCommerce and the way we interact online has drastically changed in the past couple of years. There are new roles and functions that have emerged for brick and mortar, mobile, and digital channels that simply weren’t around ten years ago.  Now it’s all about understanding these new roles and figuring out […]

    Delaney McDonald
  • 2 min read

    Three key learnings from CX Circle 2021

    We recently hosted our second annual CX Circle, and this year was all about how to make CX your competitive advantage in 2022.  Our agenda was packed with keynote and breakout sessions covering all things CX, from accessibility to creating empathy-driven design to optimizing your apps. We heard from companies like Zoom, Dell, Sonos, Nespresso, […]

    Delaney McDonald
  • 4 min read

    Join us for an exhilarating day at the movies; it’s CX Circle time!

    Grab your popcorn because we’re heading to the movies! 🍿🎥 From award-winning experimentation and personalization tips to red carpet-worthy web optimizations and accessibility guidance—this all-day event at Picturehouse Central, London (and online) will keep you on the edge of your cinema seat. Sign up today to hear from brands like Heathrow, Avon, Vanquis, Clarins, Microsoft, […]

    Katie Leask
  • 2 min read

    INVITATION: Defining CX’s role in the digital world of tomorrow

    Join Contentsquare, Zoom, Nespresso, Dell, Walmart, Microsoft and Others for a Half-Day Virtual Event  Customer experience is increasingly defining brands and becoming a factor that can soar a brand to new heights or sink its ship. It’s shaping the future of online engagement between brand and audience and becoming the battleground on which market leaders […]

    Niki Hall
  • 2 min read

    The Importance of Diverse Leadership, with Chioma Anokuru and Morgan Fitzsimons

    It’s a Thursday evening. In an airy London office space with more plants than seats, a small hubbub of young professionals swivel in their seats to chat with their neighbors, prosecco glasses in hand. The low murmur of conversion gives way to silence as two women take the stage, mics in hand. Chioma Anokuru, an […]

    Chris Camps

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