Enter the new era of digital experience 

The trends and technology you have to keep up with can get overwhelming, so let’s make life a little easier for you. Step into the future with us at CX Circle Sydney  as we reveal what you actually need to focus on to succeed in this new era of digital experience. With an all-star roster of speakers, networking opportunities with industry veterans, brand new features, executive-focused content, and an iconic venue, CX Circle Sydney is a must-attend event for anyone looking to shape the future of CX.

A Stellar Lineup of Speakers Across Industries

One of the most compelling reasons to attend CX Circle Sydney is the impressive lineup of speakers from diverse industries. These thought leaders will take to the mainstage and huddle up at breakout sessions, sharing their insights and experiences. Among the standout speakers are: 

Our all stars wiill delve into topics including:

– the pivotal role of digital experience in building brand equity and business impact
– The art of keeping it simple in a chaotic digital world
– strategies for embarking on your accessibility journey
– building better data-driven customer journeys through experimentation
– navigating career shifts in an ever-evolving landscape

Networking Opportunities with Industry Veterans

CX Circle Sydney presents a unique opportunity to network with industry veterans and peers. As Australia’s premier CX event, it attracts leading brands and CX experts from various sectors. There is no better place to spark new connections and exchange ideas with attendees ranging from senior managers to C-Suite. To cap off the day, CX Circle Sydney hosts a fabulous after-party, where you get to relax and deepen your professional relationships (and have a drink or two).

Exciting New Features

This third edition of CX Circle in Australia pulls out all the stops to provide attendees with a memorable experience. The event introduces several exciting features:

  • Accessibility Awareness Lab: In recognition of the increasing importance of digital accessibility, the lab offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into this crucial aspect of CX.
  • Business Village: A dedicated space to do your emails and recharge (your phones), ensuring that attendees can balance networking and productivity.
  • Interactive Experiences: From immersive VR experiences to cutting-edge tech showcases, attendees can expect a day filled with interactive engagement.
  • Contentsquare Product Demo Booths: Get a firsthand look at Contentsquare’s products in action, with no obligation, allowing you to explore innovative solutions for digital experience enhancement.
  • Competitions and Prizes: We’re giving away vouchers for the most popular and creative posts we see on LinkedIn (follow us @contentsquare for more details)

Designed for Executives Too

CX Circle Sydney isn’t just for CX practitioners; it’s designed to cater to executives as well. Jeremy Nicholas, Telstra’s Digital Channel Executive’s keynote Embracing Change in A Digital World will cover: 

  • Why he moved from his CMO role
  • The importance of digital experience in building brand equity and business impact 
  • How to build a culture that thrives on data-led decision-making 

But Jeremy is just one of the compelling reasons for executives to attend. The event will also feature plenty of talk tracks that empower executives with fresh ideas and strategies that can be applied within their organizations. Additionally, the carefully curated guest list ensures opportunities to connect with other high-level leaders, both during the day and at the after-party, fostering a valuable network of connections.

Location, location, location

Location plays a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences, and CX Circle Sydney won’t disappoint. We pride ourselves on our unique event locations, and this edition takes place at the iconic Allianz Stadium, a venue inspired by the recent Women’s World Cup. The Matilda’s may not have won – but you can win at CX.