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  • 7 min read

    7 fresh insights into how glh Hotels is catering to a new breed of post-pandemic traveler

    Who is the 2023 traveler and how are they shaping post-pandemic travel trends? The travel industry has seen major disruptions in recent years, which means the traveler as we knew her three years ago is not the traveler we see today. This “unknown traveler” concept was the focal point of a recent discussion between Contentsquare’s […]

    Katie Leask

  • 3 min read

    How execs use digital experience analytics (DXA) to optimize and maximize technology investments

    The technology spending balancing act Tech executives are caught between a rock and a hard place regarding digital technology spending. On the one hand, the uncertain economic outlook means typical year-on-year increases in eCommerce sales have softened. Gartner’s recent The State of Digital Commerce report shows that only 27% of organizations are expected to exceed eCommerce performance expectations for revenue […]

    James McCormick

  • 5 min read

    How Contentsquare is helping M&S put the customer at the heart of the site experience

    Creating a great site experience is rooted in understanding your customers and their online behavior. One company investing in their digital experience and optimizing customer journeys is the iconic British retailer, M&S. So, we sat down with their Head of Online Trading and Optimization, Sreena Jamieson to get the latest on her customer-first approach to the online experience […]

    Nea Bjorkqvist

  • 3 min read

    Why Decathlon chose Contentsquare to improve its digital experience: 4 (very good) reasons

    Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting retailer, is renowned for its outstanding customer experience. Want to know their secret? At our recent virtual workshop, Roanna Zheng, Product Owner and Jason Tan, Digital Sport Leader, shared how they use Contentsquare (plus other tools in their tech stack) to maximize their CRO strategy, reinforce a product mindset, improve customer […]

    Chermay Chaves

  • 2 min read

    Travel industry outlook 2022: Discover the unknown traveler

    The pandemic and the downturn in the global economy had a severe impact on the travel and hospitality sectors in 2020 and 2021, with lingering effects continuing into 2022. In this “new normal” world, the wants and needs of the modern-day traveler have evolved in line with changing priorities (think health and safety, cancelation policies, […]


  • 4 min read

    3 reasons your customers are abandoning their online travel booking at checkout

    Travel and hospitality is a big industry—from airlines to hotels to car rentals and more—which means there’s no shortage of options for consumers. And while this is great for them, it means more competition for you. If your site isn’t clear, seamless, and intuitive from the start, your visitors will leave. And within seconds, they’ll be […]

    Delaney McDonald

  • 2 min read

    How Papier is using Contentsquare to analyze and enhance its digital customer experience

    Papier chose Contentsquare’s customer experience and data analytics platform to better understand the “why” behind its consumer behavior and enhance its digital customer experience. Creating a seamless, digital customer experience Papier, the direct-to-consumer online stationery brand at the forefront of the $200B global stationery market, is building a category-defining stationery brand for paper people all over […]


  • 2 min read

    Mobile vs Desktop Usage: What Are the 2022 Consumer Trends?

    From shopping and browsing social media to catching up with friends and reading the news, users commonly switch devices throughout the day. This makes optimizing your digital experience a more nuanced process than we might like. So which devices do consumers prefer in 2022? Is mobile is the way forward? And how does digital behavior […]

    Marie Jehanne