Contentsquare’s Intern Appreciation Week July 2023: Meet our Interns and Apprentices #IAW2023


Haleigh Byers

July 24, 2023 | 4 min read

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023


Contentsquare is celebrating its Inaugural Intern Appreciation Week, July 24 - 28, 2023. We're thrilled to take this moment to honor our interns and apprentices and celebrate their remarkable contributions, dedication, and innovative spirits.

As we enter the week, it's time to meet the current Emerging Talent Program participants who have brought abundant talent and enthusiasm to our global team! 🌟✨

Anaïs Novasque, Account Development Representative
📍London, United Kingdom

“Hi! My name is Anaïs and after a very enriching internship at Contentsquare last year, I have joined the CSquad again this summer as an ADR for the southern team! I am based in London where I will be pursuing a master's degree at the end of my internship. I am very happy to be part of the team. Feel free to reach out :)”

Louis Boulben, Account Development Representative
📍New York, New York

“I’m Louis and I’m French living in New York. I’m interning at Contentsquare for the summer 2023 with the sales team at the NYC office. I love to play soccer and tennis during my free time.”

Patrick O’Melia, Account Development Representative
📍Denver, Colorado


“My name is Patrick O'Melia. I was born in California, but currently attending university and living in Boulder, Colorado and I'm working in an intern role at the Contentsquare office in Denver. As an avid sports fan, I can frequently watch Baseball, Soccer or Basketball. Additionally, I love to snowboard, that being a significant reason why I am out here. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and am focused on learning the most I can from the opportunities I have.”

Janine Hernandez, Corporate Social Media Marketing Intern
📍San Francisco, California

“Hi, I am Janine Hernandez and I have been working at Contentsquare as a Social Media Intern for a year and two months. I will be going into my 3rd year of school at The Pennsylvania State University. I love being creative and learning something new everyday.”

Fion Yip, Account Development Representative

“I'm Fion and I am an ADR based out of Singapore. Outside of work, you can find me at doing pilates or up in the air doing aerial yoga. Fun fact - I rarely exercised until I tried low impact exercises!”

Yosra Nefoussi, Account Development Representative
📍Paris, France

"I'm Yosra. I'd lie if I told you that I have a specific hobby, but I have a specific objective: to have fun and be happy. As much as I love being happy, stress is often there, but no worries, this is life, and I love it how it is 😀 I'm Tunisian, and I really love my country, but I love traveling all around and seeing many other cultures, open-minded and curious. I love parties and food. I adore sushi. I have lived most of my life in Qatar and was born there. That's why I consider myself Qatari too."

Azuho Sugita, Marketing Intern
📍Tokyo, Japan

"Hi, I'm Azuho. I'm based out of Tokyo, Japan. I joined Contentsquare in October 2022 and I am a Marketing Intern specializing in Localization and Transcreation."

Mahfuz Uddin, Account Development Representative
📍London, United Kingdom

“I’m Mahfuz, a law graduate who found his passion in tech and sales. I love football, but that love has been turbulent as a Liverpool fan. I'm also a film snob and enjoy traveling and exploring London's amazing food ✈️  🍲 “

Zachary Schindler, Business Development & Partnerships Intern
📍Tel Aviv

"Hi, my name is Zach, and I am from Woodmere, New York. I am a rising senior at Binghamton University. An interesting fact about me is that I love traveling, especially to Europe. I'm also very passionate about staying active and in shape and pushing myself beyond my limits."

Tsipi Barel, Software Developer Intern
📍Tel Aviv

"I'm Tsipi - a software developer in Session Replay App team. Just graduated with my Computer Science bachelor's degree. I have been in Contentsquare for a year and a half and I really love my job here - especially crazy about front-end stuff. My favorite activity after work is baking (which is similar to coding in some points 😃)"

Antoine Vaumousse, Data Analyst Intern
📍New York, New York

“I joined the Data Analytics team in New York City in June 2023. Outside of Contentsquare, I am passionate about music, cooking and sports but the truth is I don’t practice enough. You can find me playing numerous recreational sports - pétanque, volleyball, scuba-diving and sometimes skydiving.”

Risha Patel, Marketing Intern
📍San Francisco, California

"My name is Risha Patel and I'm a Marketing Intern at Contentsquare! I'm originally from the Bay Area and I'm currently finishing my degree in Business at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. A fun fact about me is that I love to travel and have visited 6/7 continents. Last semester, I studied abroad in Barcelona and had the pleasure of exploring lots of other countries in Europe!"

Grace Lawlor, Marketing Intern
📍New York, New York

"Hi, I’m Grace. I am from and based in NY. In my free time, I love to read, run, and hang out with friends. I love trying anything new and I'm really looking forward to getting to know new people here at Contentsquare!"

Thomas O'Melia, Customer Success Operations Intern

“Hi, my name is Thomas I joined Contentsquare in May of this year, and I'm 23 years old. I am an active person and love to go fishing, hiking, skiing or playing soccer/football, which is my favorite sport. I also love to travel and explore new places and cultures. I just recently lived in Norway for two years and plan on potentially moving there one day.”

Lina Sanchez, Product Management Intern
📍New York, New York




“Hi, I’m Lina! I’m a Product Management Intern for the summer of 2023 and am also currently an incoming sophomore student at New York University. I love to do market research and am looking forward to expanding my skills in data analytics and customer experience design. I’m studying Computer Science with a potential double minor in Business Studies and Game Design (I couldn’t pick one so why not do both!). I grew up in New York City after moving to the US from Paris at the age of four, and my parents are from Taiwan and Argentina, so I’ve always loved learning about cultures all around the globe. In addition to my studies, I love reading novels, visiting museums and art galleries, and going on hikes whenever I get the chance.”

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of our current interns. 



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