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Contentsquare’s Emerging Talent Program needs your help to shape the future of online experiences for all. Start or recharge your career by solving real-world problems that affect millions of online users every day.

You will learn, connect and emerge with everything you need to take your career to the next level. Climb aboard, strap in, and join the adventure!

Build your Career

Growing with Contentsquare

Contentsquare is committed to learning and development at every level, so it’s important to our teams that we recruit and develop our next generation of CSquad leaders. 

Emerging Talent Program Design

Contentsquare’s Emerging Talent Program is designed with you at the forefront. It is a human-centric design - like our product - created to help you bridge the gap between education and experience. Our commitment is to provide you with the resources, tools, and connections needed to ensure your success as you navigate the next step in your career.

Receive On-the-Job Training

You will receive formal and informal training, while simultaneously going through a dedicated learning curriculum for you to develop important professional skills. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge and support you need to do real work, without burdening you with excess coursework.

Our stories

As an intern, we always have in mind that we need to be a good fit for the company, but often forget the company must be a good fit for us too. In my role, I'm allowed to stay true to myself and use my strengths in my own way.

Maïlys Bezzioune

Learning & Development Intern

I'm grateful to be part of Contentsquare, a place that continually pushes me to reach my full potential and develop my skills. The trust I got from day one, the valuable experiences and supportive work culture have been instrumental in my journey from Data Science Intern to Data Scientist 2. I'm excited about the future and eagerly anticipate further growth with Contentsquare.

Mouad Antari

Data Scientist 2

This internship has taught me how to work in different environments with different teams. You're in the best hands here, encouraged to ask questions, and absorb as much information as you can.

Liberty Elliott

Northern Europe Marketing Intern

After completing a Customer Success fellowship, I began networking and had one of the best interview experiences with my current manager. I am four months into my internship and every day I learn something new.

Derelle Ishmael

Customer Success Systems Intern

Being an Associate Development Rep (ADR) in a company that is still growing like Contentsquare, you aren’t just seen as an intern but as someone that helps the company improve.

Leah Frydman

Account Development Representative Intern

I want to belong to a company that cares about corporate social responsibility whether it’s legal, ethical, economic, etc. and I chose Contentsquare because of the Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility. That is what attracted me the most about the company!

Rebeca Andrades

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer both Internships and Apprenticeships. Internships at Contentsquare offer opportunities for hands-on learning and can be either full-time and part-time. Apprenticeships at Contentsquare are a form of post-secondary education that combines on-the-job learning and in-school training.

  • We will adopt a seasonal cohort hiring model starting in 2024 for Spring, Summer, and Fall. The recruitment process will begin 2-3 months before the upcoming season, so it's best to apply early.

  • We offer full-time and part-time internships that can last from 2-6 months. Apprenticeships last from 12 months to 2-3 years.

  • Location is dependent on the role/department. We offer both remote and hybrid opportunities. All hybrid positions will be based out of a location with a Contentsquare office and will be listed in the job description. For more information about where we have offices, please view our careers page or to search opportunities by location, please view our job board. Typically, if one of our job postings is linked to a country vs. a specific city for the location, that can indicate flexibility with time zones.

  • Determinations for each role/department are at management's discretion and are not based on any one factor alone. Whether the position is suitable for remote or hybrid work is based on the nature of the job duties, time-zone requirements, etc. These determinations are made in a consistent and transparent way that prioritizes both equity and engagement. Please refer to the job description and feel free to apply either way.

  • Yes, we invite everyone to apply at every stage in their career and will provide you with an opportunity that will fuel your career from the very beginning.

  • No, it is not required for you to be enrolled in a university to apply or be considered for our internship openings unless otherwise specified in the job posting. By being open to nontraditional backgrounds, we’re also focusing our efforts on helping people get access to a career in tech who would never otherwise get that opportunity.

  • We do not only hire interns or apprentices from a specific list of schools or organizations. We look for program participants from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences by recruiting through various job boards, organizations, campuses, and more. We don’t want to limit your ability to apply by limiting the participants to come from a specific list of schools or organizations. Contentsquare is a place where all have equal opportunity, can feel supported, make an impact, and do their best work.

  • At this time, we do not provide housing for participants in our Emerging Talent Program.

  • At this time, we do not offer sponsorship for our Emerging Talent Program opportunities.

  • For both tech and business positions, the interview process will be 3-4 steps. The initial step will be a phone interview with a member of the Talent Acquisition team and the following stages may vary. For example, The interview process may or may not include technical assessment or assignments. This information is subject to change. In the initial call with Talent Acquisition, you will become aware of the entire interview process.

Partner with us.

From campus visits to tech treks in our office, we love partnering with universities and organizations across the globe.

Get in touch if you think Contentsquare should visit your campus, if you'd like to set up a virtual information session with us, or if you'd like an inside look at Contentsquare's office.

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