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November 23, 2009 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Nov 4, 2020

“The definitive method for conducting accurate eye-tracking on a massive scale at a fraction of the cost”.

Today, Contentsquare is launching its new Mouse Move Heatmap, which is set to revolutionize the fields of Customer Experience Analytics and website usability. By aggregating the mouse movements of hundreds visitors on a site, we create a comprehensive, visual representation of what visitors are looking at and focusing on within the page. Instead of testing a handful of users for thousands of dollars, you can test thousands of users for a fraction of a dollar each!

The Mouse Move Heatmap on our Features page shows us exactly what content our visitors look at.

Until now, Eye-tracking studies were the preferred choice in web usability testing. They allow website owners to know exactly how people use their sites, where they look, what grabs their attention and what they focus on. However the price of this technology is extremely prohibitive, costing tens of thousands of dollars for a single study. It has therefore only been accessible to the biggest web companies, and has been used by Google, Yahoo! and eBay.

Independent research shows that there is an 84% to 88% correlation between mouse and eye movements*, allowing us to create high-precision heatmaps based on just the users’ mouse movements. In addition, our heatmaps don’t require the subjects to wear a special headset or use special equipment. Indeed, most visitors aren’t even aware they’re being recorded, allowing for a completely transparent and anonymous usability testing process.

Within our FAQ page, we can see which questions people find the most interesting, and which answers they read.

We keep the data for every version of your page allowing for effortless A/B testing of multiple page elements. See which content, elements and layout increase conversion rates, where your customers look before they purchase a product, and how many people miss your call to action buttons. This new heatmap will help you dramatically improve your conversion rates by delivering accurate, relevant and actionable information.

This is the third heatmap launched by Contentsquare, and adds to our existing suite of powerful visual web analytics. This includes our Mouse Click Heatmap, which shows you exactly where your visitors are clicking and our Attention and Scroll-Reach Heatmaps, which show you how visitors scroll, where they focus their attention and what content they skip over.

Mouse Movements within our signup form

Our Mouse Move Heatmaps are available to all our customers, even on our free plan**, but are limited to the most popular page on our free and Bronze plans**. To see comprehensive heatmaps on all the pages in your site, these customers will need to upgrade to our Silver or Gold plans**.

Our new Mouse Move Heatmap, as well as our other heatmaps, behavioral analytics and full video playback make Contentsquare the perfect complement to your traditional web analytics suite. Sign up today and start learning how to optimize your website based on your customers’ actual behavior. Start increasing your conversion rates, minimizing your site abandonment, and maximizing your profits.

* “Of the regions that a mouse cursor visited, 84% of them were also visited by an eye gaze. Furthermore, among the regions that the eye gaze didn’t visit, 88% of them were not visited by the mouse cursor, either.” – M. C. Chen , J. R. Anderson , M. H. Sohn, “What can a mouse cursor tell us more?: correlation of eye/mouse movements on web browsing”, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April 2001, Seattle, WA.

**Terms and services have changed since the publication of this article. 


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