website metrics displays key metrics for the user journey on a website.

Platform Overview

The Contentsquare Platform

Empower and align teams to deliver the experiences that people love, seek and deserve.

You can only fix what you measure

  • Increase engagement

    with efficient and delightful experiences

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    Decrease frustration

    with error free and fast performance

  • Better NPS

    by making sense of customer feedback

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    Improved retention

    with a customer centric view

All-in-one experience platform

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Customer Stories

How optimizing home page content helped Early Settler realize 50K revenue uplift in just one month

With the help of Contentsquare, Early Settler surfaced insights that secured an additional AUD$30-50K of revenue in just over one month.

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Early Settler home furnishing storefront
Through Contentsquare, we transformed our digital space, bringing hidden gems to light, removing our internal bias on content and ultimately driving revenue for Early Settler. It's more than just a platform; it's our roadmap to understanding customer behaviour, optimising content, and making every click count.""
early settler

Dean Boudewyns

Head of Digital & ECommerce

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Behavioral & performance data

Comprehensive behavioral and performance data, with automatic capture for web & apps, private by default, scalable and secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Digital experience solutions encompass a range of technologies and strategies designed to improve user interactions with digital products. They include user interface design, personalization, and analytics tools. By optimizing these elements, businesses can create a more engaging and satisfying experience for their online audience.

  • Digital experience solutions play a crucial role in building customer loyalty by providing personalized and seamless interactions. Through features like targeted content, responsive design, and user-friendly interfaces, businesses can foster a strong connection with users, encouraging repeat visits and long-term relationships.

  • Personalization is a key component of digital experience solutions, tailoring content and interactions to individual user preferences. This not only enhances user engagement by delivering relevant information but also creates a sense of connection, making users feel valued and understood in their online journey.

  • Businesses gain a competitive edge through the implementation of digital experience solutions as they can differentiate themselves in the market. By providing a superior user experience, companies attract and retain customers, foster positive brand perception, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Measuring the success of digital experience solutions involves tracking KPIs such as conversion rates, bounce rates, and user satisfaction scores. These metrics provide insights into the effectiveness of the implemented solutions, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to continually enhance their digital user experience.

  • An experience intelligence platform provides teams with a 360° understanding of the customer experience on their sites and apps. Enabling data-driven decisions for all, it empowers and aligns all teams for improving engagement, eliminating friction, boosting conversion and customer lifetime.

  • A complete experience intelligence platform needs to provide at least the following components:

    - Autocapture of performance and behavior data Answer questions retroactively without constant tag maintenance efforts.
    - Connected use cases that enable all teams to make data driven decisions with a click, e.g. improve the whole customer lifecycle, find and fix points of friction, increase brand engagement and conversion proactively, while also boosting retention and customer lifetime value.
    - Immersive analysis capabilities that enable everyone to get closer to their customer by seeing their journeys and how they experience your digital channels
    - Smarter insights that enable faster actions by surfacing insights automatically, benchmarking against market trends, and enabling teams to prioritize based on business impact.

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