Digital Experience Monitoring

Optimize performance and eliminate friction

Uncover obstacles and prioritize fixes, caused by technical issues, UX blockers and poor web and app performance.

Benefits of Digital Experience Monitoring

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    Faster insights

    Reduce time to triage, prioritize and troubleshoot

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    Improved productivity

    Focus on what matters most

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    Reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

    Meet SLAs by solving problems faster

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    Reduced business impact

    Understand the true cost of technical, UX and performance issues

Key Capabilities

Error Analysis

Prioritize fixes based on business impact

Proactively identify Javascript, API, custom errors and app crashes that are affecting your users. Eliminate false positives and focus on errors having the greatest impact on user behavior and business outcomes, like conversions and bounce rates.

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Integrate your tech stack for greater insights

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Optimizely
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Qualtrics
  • kameleoon
  • New Relic

All-in-one experience platform

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Frequently asked questions

  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions monitor the availability, performance and quality of user experiences to proactively identify and resolve UX, technical and performance issues. DEM is valuable for every organization that wants to improve the performance of its digital applications and services. By collecting and analyzing data about the end user experience, DEM helps organizations identify and fix performance problems, improve the user experience and meet the needs of their customers and employees.

  • Digital experience monitoring is important because it allows organizations to proactively identify and resolve issues impacting the user experience. By monitoring various metrics, such as page load times, responsiveness, and user satisfaction, organizations can optimize their digital assets and ensure a positive experience for users.

  • Digital experience monitoring can support business goals by helping organizations identify and fix performance issues that may be hindering conversions, sales, or customer satisfaction. It enables businesses to optimize their digital assets and provides insights into user behavior and preferences to inform strategic decisions.

  • Some key metrics tracked in digital experience monitoring include page load times, responsiveness, availability, errors and crashes, conversion rates, user engagement, and user satisfaction.

  • The benefits of implementing digital experience monitoring include improved user satisfaction, increased conversion rates, faster issue resolution, enhanced website performance, increased customer retention, and better understanding of user behavior and preferences.

  • DEM is different from traditional application performance monitoring (APM) in that it focuses on the end user experience. APM tools typically collect data from the inside of an application, such as CPU usage, memory usage and database queries. DEM tools, on the other hand, collect data from the outside of an application, such as load times, errors and user satisfaction surveys. This difference in perspective is important because it allows DEM solutions to identify performance problems that would not be visible to APM tools. For example, a DEM solution can identify a problem with a slow load time, even if the application's CPU usage and memory usage are normal. This is because the slow load time is affecting the end user experience, even though it is not affecting the performance of the website itself.

  • Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Monitoring helps teams identify, prioritize and fix obstacles related to errors or web and app performance. Benefits include:
    - Faster time to insights and action. Contentsquare surfaces obstacles automatically and shows you which ones matter most, so you can prioritize and get the technical details needed to solve them quickly.
    - Improved efficiency and productivity. Contentsquare eliminates the time wasted tracking down and reproducing issues, chasing false positives and troubleshooting problems that don’t impact the business.
    - Understand and maximize business impact. Contentsquare shows you exactly how obstacles like errors and poor web or app performance impact conversions, revenue and other business metrics so you can prioritize based on what matters most.
    Democratize insights. Contentsquare helps all your teams - marketing, IT, product, eCommerce - get shared insights for faster, more informed decision making.

  • Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Monitoring solution not only monitors user experience, web and app performance, and errors, it also shows you how these issues affect customer journeys, user behavior, conversions and revenues. We’re able to do this because:

    1) We capture rich behavioral data - every click, tap, swipe, hover - but also every event, every error, all the text seen by your users, and web/app performance metrics for every page/screen. Having all this data is what allows us to correlate technical or performance issues with the impact on business outcomes and user behavior.
    2) We provide immersive visualizations and comparisons that help surface insights and “aha moments” faster and more effectively than any other solution. Our journey analytics, advanced zoning heatmaps, and impact quantification visualizations are completely different from anything else out there. They make it incredibly easy to see exactly what’s happening and why it matters.
    3) We are the only solution that connects use cases from top-of-funnel to bottom - from acquisition to adoption to retention - and across all the teams that have a stake in their users’ digital experience - UX teams, marketing, web analytics, product and mobile app teams, eCommerce teams, and IT teams. We enable collaboration across these teams based on a shared understanding of user experience.

  • Contentsquare captures rich behavioral data - every click, tap, swipe, hover - but also all events, errors, text seen by your users, and web performance metrics for every page and app screen. Having all this data is what allows us to correlate technical or performance issues with the impact on business outcomes and user behavior.

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