Contentsquare Launches New Service for Retailers, providing brands with behavioral data to optimize customer experiences



March 15, 2022 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023

London, March 15, 2022 – Contentsquare, the global leader in Digital Experience Analytics, is launching its new CS for Consumer Brands service, which allows retailers to share in-depth insights with brands on online customer behavior to improve digital experiences and optimize sales performance. 

Through its international service center (Patinvest), French Retailer Auchan is playing a pioneering role by already sharing data and insights on consumer behaviors with some of its suppliers.  

Using data to optimize the customer experience on retailers’ websites 

Building on their long-standing relationship, Contentsquare turned to Auchan to launch its new CS for Consumer Brands service dedicated to retailers. Contentsquare has benefitted from and worked together with Auchans’s digital and data teams’ expertise to develop a service that meets the needs of its supplier brands. 

Auchan has invested in digital for several years to provide a multi-channel experience for its customers. Since 2015, the group has relied on Contentsquare’s solution to improve its omnichannel customer experience.

“Contentsquare worked very closely with Auchan when developing CS for Consumer Brands, which is now available to all retailers. Auchan is the pioneer in analytics and we hope that other retailers will follow suit.”

– Patrice Attia, Senior Vice President EMEA of Contentsquare.

A new service to reinvent the brand-retailer relationship

Retailers and brands can now have a shared analytics platform enabling joint management of online sales performance. For example, brands are provided with conversion funnel analysis, performance benchmarks by product category, and insights on product performance according to their exposure rate. Brands can also see directly where conversions come from and which keywords customers search for.

Retailers like Auchan, are reinventing the brand-retailer relationship by taking a step towards transparency, enabling better collaboration and improved understanding of user journeys through data sharing.

“With CS for Consumer Brands, Contentsquare puts data at the heart of our retail ecosystem. This approach is in line with our plans to strengthen collaboration with our partners and share customer experience data – this is key in the new model we aim to implement internationally. Our employees managing online activities can now make data-driven decisions for our customers and we provide access to our suppliers to the platform – helping them understand and enhance the customer journey in our digital channels.”

– Arnaud Bricmont, Auchan’s Director of International Negotiations and CEO of Patinvest

CS for Consumer Brands helps retailers and brands work more closely together and in turn boost sales performance.  When customers expect brands to provide personalized digital experiences at every touchpoint, data transparency between brands and retailers becomes a necessity. With CS for Consumer Brands, both parties can build customer loyalty while optimizing their digital sales.

After a successful launch in France, Contentsquare is progressively making CS for Consumer Brands available to all its customers globally

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