Contentsquare and Kameleoon’s New Two-Way Integration Helps Brands Improve Experimentation and Real-Time Personalization


Delaney McDonald

February 17, 2022 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Contentsquare and Kameleoon partnership gives brands the ability to easily discover and explore customer behavior across all digital channels and devices in order to build and test ever-better customer experiences. The jointly developed two-way integration enables brands to leverage each platform’s unique solutions – in real time – to positively affect conversion rates, customer engagement, and revenue.

This new two-way integration will help brands execute real-time, behavioral based personalization campaigns, and run stronger A/B tests that keep your customers’ attention and brand affinity. By serving up personalized, dynamic experiences in real time, brands can stand out in this extremely competitive digital environment. 

Importance of real-time.

As customer experience expectations continue to climb, the importance of real-time personalization does as well. Relying on traditional cycles of testing is no longer a viable experimentation strategy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is key to triggering real-time adjustments that cater to an individual as their specific needs, while browsing on your site, change moment by moment, click after click.

How the new two-way integration works.

Signals are triggered by Contentsquare based on user interactions like rage clicking, constant hovering, repeated scrolling and fraudulent activity. The data is made available in real-time to Kameleoon so that customers can tailor their experiments and personalization campaigns accordingly.

So, how will this new integration help you? Here are a few examples of how Contentsquare and Kameleoon’s two-way integration can help you with experimentation and personalization.

  • Trigger a promotional campaign to visitors who performed excessive copy and pastes of an invalid discount code or who scrolled multiple times over the same product page.
  • Directly engage with the user when an error signal is triggered that would prevent the user from finalizing a purchase. The customer engagement can be facilitated by pushing a tooltip or a pop-up via communication channel, such as through a chat, email, or phone call.
  • Engage with the user when a repetitive hovering signal or a rage click signal is triggered.

Learn more about the new two-way integration with Contentsquare and Kameleoon here.