Industry first for Bestway with data analytics dashboard giving suppliers deeper insights into the customer journey



May 15, 2023 | 3 min read

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

London, May 15, 2023 – In a first for the industry, Bestway Wholesale, has launched a real-time analytics dashboard for suppliers, enabling them to monitor their brand’s performance and give deeper insights into Bestway’s customers’ journey.

Bestway has made digital experience optimization one of its priorities and is partnering with Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics, as part of a larger investment in this area. Bestway is the first wholesaler to adopt Contentsquare’s CS Retail Media solution. The offering is unique in that it provides suppliers with key insights into customers’ buying behaviour as they shop across the Bestway Wholesale’ website.

Described by one supplier as “the best insights tool we’ve seen from any of our wholesalers”, suppliers can see aggregated data and insights across the entire customer journey for their brand and products, and showing how the performance compares to the category benchmark, giving them visibility of ‘friction points’ that can disrupt customer engagement and optimization opportunities.

The data allows suppliers to identify areas of improvement, enabling them to optimise their own listings, pages, and promotions to enhance the overall digital experience for Bestway’s customer – to lead to more conversions into sales in what is described as a ‘win-win’ all round for retailer customers, suppliers and Bestway.

Not only is it a first in the industry but it’s a huge step forward for the industry as suppliers cannot directly access this level of data from any other wholesaler in the sector. Suppliers would previously have relied on the wholesaler sharing select data with them and not the deep data that shows the customer journey.
The overall aim is Bestway wants to work together with suppliers to improve the experience for its customers, and in doing so, bridge the data gap between retailer customers and supplier brands.

Dawood Pervez, Managing Director at Bestway Wholesale, said: “We’re really excited about the potential this analytics dashboard has for our suppliers. It has the capacity to really drill down on the buying behaviours of our customers and the data can be benchmarked. For example the ‘add to cart’ and ‘conversion rate’ can both be rated against the category average, allowing suppliers to see how they are performing against other brands in the same category.


Kenton Burchell, Group Trading Director at Bestway Wholesale, added: “Manufacturers are starved for insights into wholesale customer journeys, and so we’re delighted to now offer these insights to the brands we work with. Brands are now able to optimise their product listings, pages, and promotions, and together we are improving the experience for Bestway shoppers. This will give our suppliers the knowledge and transparency so that they will be able to optimise their advertising spend and digital activity accordingly, which in turn will allow them to plan more strategically their spend going forward.


Kevin Rhodes, Impulse Digital Manager at PepsiCo, commented: “Our personalised Bestway Wholesale data analytics dashboard allows us to fully understand the performance of each of our online activations and tools – giving us in-depth insights into how retailers shop online. It’s the best insights tool we’ve seen from any of our wholesalers. We have learnt that retailers predominantly use search to shop for our products which has allowed is to identify clear opportunities to improve our digital visibility and sales in 2023.


Pervez concludes: “By empowering the brands we work with, we are able to ensure the constant improvement in the quality of our customer’s experience.


Patrice Attia, SVP EMEA of Contentsquare, added: “It has been a pleasure to work with Bestway Wholesale on being the first wholesaler to share insights with their suppliers to improve the buyer experience thanks to the CS Retail Media solution. We’re excited to enable real-time data sharing between retailers and brands, and to bring transparency into the online retail media industry. By empowering the brands it works with, Bestway Wholesale is paving the way for a new era of data-driven collaboration that leads to improved customer experience and differentiation in the market.


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