Halloween UX Horror Stories – Save yourselves!


Pola Zen

October 30, 2017 | 1 min read

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Halloween is scary. It brings out the zombies, the monsters and the demons. And horror stories. Oh, the horrible UX horror stories. Dare you read on?

Have you ever taken your time to shop for yourself, select the perfect items, one by one, examining every detail and making sure they are exactly what you want and then… you want to check out… you click on the cart… and it is empty?! THE HORROR! This is Laurie’s story:

Have you ever been on a mission to find something online, begin your journey and click on the option you want but get an error and get sent to the same page, and try again and again and again and get sent every single time to the same page in an endless vortex you can never get out of? THE HORROR! This is Tommy’s story:

Have you ever created content for a site, worked hard to find the right mix of words, images, rhyme and reason to convey your beautiful thoughts online and published them knowing that with such an amazing effort will come an even more amazing result? And have you then realized that, in fact, no one is reading it, no one is scrolling, no one is clicking and the words are dying a slow and painful death? THE HORROR! This is Linda’s story:

Save Laurie, Lynda and Tommy from these horrors! ContentSquare will give you the digital experience insights you need to understand where people are getting stuck or frustrated, what makes them happy and what makes them howl. No wooden stake, garlic or silver bullets necessary.

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