Father’s Day 2018 – Dads Probably Not Getting Ties This Year


Pola Zen

June 15, 2018 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2020

It’s been just over a month since we emptied the local flower stores to honor our mothers, and now it’s time to shower our fathers with gifts. Or maybe not exactly shower, judging by the findings of a recent ContentSquare survey.

We quizzed 800 consumers ahead of Father’s Day 2018 to find out how much people were planning to spend on their dads this year, and whether fathers should expect more ties and grilling equipment…



Almost one in two respondents said their gift would be under $20, with one in four people planning to spend between $21 and $50. Only 4% of the consumers we surveyed expected to spend in excess of $200 on their dads this year.

So did consumers spend all their money on mom a few weeks ago? Of the segment we surveyed, 30% said they had capped their 2018 Mother’s Day budget at $20 – versus 48% for dads – suggesting mothers are the ones who inspire the most generosity.

It is also worth noting that 15% of respondents said they would gladly spend more than $100 on their moms, with only 10% willing to invest the same amount in gifts for dad.

Overall, women tend to spend the most on gifts for their parents, with 53% of men but only 38% of women capping their Father’s Day gifts at $20. Similarly, 20% of men and only 12% of women said they would be sticking to a $100 maximum price tag for their moms.

When it comes to dads, however, there seems to be an even split of men to women for big ticket items, with an equal percentage of men and women planning to spend upward of $100 on their dads.


Still, there could be an ulterior motive to all this spending, since the most popular gifts this year by a slight margin are home improvement products – making up 31% of all gifts. Another 30% of respondents plan to treat their dads to electronics, with speakers, headphones and wearables topping the list of tech gifts. Sporting goods come in third (23%) with clothing and homewares taking up a 15% share of purchases.

This year again, many consumers will be shopping for Father’s Day gifts online, and will expect friction-free digital journeys filled with perks like free or last-minute shipping, easy returns and all the other benefits of a seamless experience.

If you’d like to find out more about the digital gifting habits of consumers in the US, UK and France, read our special digital gifting report. It’s full of surprising (and not so surprising) insights into how shoppers convert from one region to the next, and on what.