Dareboost Joins Contentsquare Family, Strengthens New Find & Fix


Jonathan Cherki

October 27, 2020 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Sometimes there’s so much happening at Contentsquare that it’s better to announce two pieces of news at once. This week, I’m excited to share that we have launched our new Find & Fix solution — a new product made all the more powerful by our acquisition of a company called Dareboost.

We’re really committed to leaving no stone unturned in the race to help brands create better digital experiences, and this latest round of news recognizes that web performance is a key part of the customer experience equation. 

M&A for Innovation with the acquisition of Dareboost

Back in April, when I was asked what Contentsquare planned to do with the $190 Million in Series D funding we had just raised, I answered that we would continue pushing our aggressive innovation agenda — both organically and through M&A. We have an incredible team of 200 people working in R&D, but sometimes the perfect complementary technology is already out there. 

This is what we found when we discovered Dareboost, a web performance monitoring solution designed to help teams analyze and improve web speed. It was immediately obvious to us that this technology would help us accelerate the roadmap for our troubleshooting capabilities, and become a key part of our new Find & Fix product.

Like the other companies we have acquired in the last 18 months, it’s an organization that very much shares our values. Its creation even mirrors our own beginnings — Dareboost started off as an engineering school project in 2013, and it’s no secret that Contentsquare also began as a college assignment, back in 2012.

And with 400+ happy enterprise customers, we know they’re just as customer-obsessed as we are, and as committed to bringing everyone in the business — from IT to marketing via eComm and UX teams — around the shared goal of digital excellence.

Troubleshoot fast to innovate more with Find & Fix

Another great thing about Dareboost is that it’s the perfect fit for our new Find & Fix product, which builds on our existing troubleshooting capabilities, adding web performance monitoring, error reporting, advanced retroactive search, comparison and benchmark, and advanced APM integrations.  

For years now we’ve tracked customer engagement across billions of visitor sessions and what we’ve found is that sometimes, the tiniest issues result in a huge drop in engagement, and of course, revenue loss.

Things like loading time, error messages, javascript errors — these are the type of things that can send customers running, and leave a bad taste. And when 1 in 2 customers never make it past the first page of your site, first impressions really do count. 

Brands today invest considerable effort and money in their customer experience, and we’re here to help teams maximize their Return on Experience, and not lose business to technical hiccups.

Contentsquare and Dareboost

The latest addition to the Contentsquare solution will allow business and technical teams to surface the technical root causes impacting digital experiences, and optimize the performance of their website so the experience can really shine. 

Website performance is not subjective

Website performance is a key part of the digital experience equation and, like other strands of experience, it can be measured and continuously improved upon.

Here at Contentsquare we’re not very interested in guesswork. We believe data holds the answers to most digital experience challenges, and that’s why we work tirelessly to enhance that data, and put it in the hands of everyone who has a stake in customer happiness. 

By bringing the Dareboost technology into our new Find & Fix product, we’re eliminating the knowledge barriers between Marketing teams, IT teams and the rest of the business, and doing what we do best: taking our cue from the digital leaders we speak to every day, and putting our customers’ challenges at the very heart of our product.