Contentsquare Debuts at NRF, the World’s Largest Trade Show

Lorraine Ryshin

December 18, 2018 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Contentsquare is pleased to announce that in January 2019, it will join the ranks of businesses in residence at this year’s NRF, the world’s largest retail exhibition and trade show.

Contentsquare will be making its NRF debut as part of a delegation of French startups cherry-picked by Business France, a French government agency with the mission to promote French companies globally.

The Contentsquare team will be sharing a kiosk with 18 other leading French startups — including e-payments processor Wordline — selected by Business France for their innovation and vision. Contentsquare is included as part of the “Mature” section of startups, defined as fulfilling two criteria: possessing French and global clients, along with a proven strategy for growth in the US.

As well as bringing word-of-mouth exposure to an audience of thousands, it will hold panels with its partners and clients in two breakfast events. Contentsquare’s very own Chief Strategy & Partnership Officer, Jean-Marc Bellaiche is set to speak at these networking events, which will serve as an interchange of best practices for digital experience development.

The event, which will run from January 13-15th at Javits Center in New York City, will host thousands of businesses, including a slew of big brands across industries. These industries span a wide breadth of categories, including technology, grocery, fashion, automotive, fundraising and many others.

Joining the annual conference will be a bevy of chains, startups, manufacturers and other vendors. Having made a splash in the SaaS scene with its digital insights platform, Contentsquare, alongside other startups, will take part in discussions on tackling e-commerce challenges and digitally proofing the retail experience.

Along with the kiosk, which will be manned by Contentsquare’s sales and marketing teams, two breakfast events will be held. On Sunday, January 13th, a business breakfast will be held at Toro NYC in partnership with Business France and the e-payments experts at Worldline.

On Monday, January 14th, Contentsquare will host a champagne breakfast at Magic Hour, featuring a special guest speaker from its client Later in the evening, Contentsquare will participate at the exclusive, annual retail gala hosted by business network French Founders. During the gala, Contentsquare will be present in an interactive branded space, in which Jean-Marc Bellaiche is set to partake in a panel on “The Rise of Experiential Retail” alongside major brands like Casper and Mars.

NRF will allow Contentsquare to connect with existing clients and meet face to face with digital leaders looking to harness the power of behavioral data. The kiosks are open for all attendees to visit, and the team is excited to meet attendees, participants and all the movers and shakers who are helping shape the future of retail.