Contentsquare Announces Integration Update with Blue Triangle



April 19, 2022 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Contentsquare Announces Integration Update with Blue Triangle

Application Performance Monitoring Integrations are now Bi-directional

New York, NY, April 19, 2022 – Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics, announced today enhancements to their APM integrations with Blue Triangle. This new update enables bi-directional capabilities that display deep links to these platforms from within the Contentsquare platform’s Session Replay, so that users can quickly investigate a session in their APM after identifying potential issues surfaced by Contentsquare.

With Contentsquare’s APM integrations, APMs alert brands when their users may be encountering issues or bugs. Brands can then jump into Contentsquare (from within their APM) to visualize exactly what a user was doing before, during, and after an error occurrence, so that they can remediate issues quickly and with the complete picture, dramatically reducing the time-to-repair of system errors by linking to your impacted users’ exact session. With this new integration enhancement, when brands spot an issue within a Contentsquare session replay, they can now add comments to the session and share it with their engineering teams. When shared, these sessions will be appended with deep links to their APM, so their technical teams can further investigate the issue with the tools they’re most familiar with.

This integration allow brands to prioritize the issues that matter most, including:

  • Combining the technical data from their APM with the behavioral data surfaced from Contentsquare to uncover and prioritize the issues that have the greatest impact on your customer experience and revenue.
  • Uncovering how performance truly affects your customers’ experience. APMs alerts you when issues occur. Contentsquare shows you exactly what a user was doing before and during the error occurrence, so that you can remediate issues quickly and with the full picture.
  • Identify the root cause of customer struggle by connecting the dots to your APM directly after reviewing sessions within Contentsquare.
  • Provide your engineering team with all of the necessary technical and behavioral data needed to prioritize a fix, without having to spend cycles trying to recreate the issue.

“We are thrilled about this digital experience integration with BlueTriangle. It’s never been more important to help all brands revise issues both quickly and effectively, and we look forward to bringing increased value to our customers,” said Gilad Zubery, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development & Partnerships, Contentsquare.

“As a Technology Partner, Blue Triangle is excited to deepen our integrations with Contentsquare to offer extended capabilities helping customers uncover the root cause of any technical issues they observe in a session replay, providing a true end-to-end solution to analyze digital experiences across their applications for better business outcomes,” said Lance Ullom, Blue Triangle CEO

About Contentsquare

Contentsquare delivers the power to make the digital world more human. Its AI-powered platform provides rich and contextual insight into customer behaviors, feelings and intent — at every touchpoint in their journey — enabling businesses to build empathy and create lasting impact. The global leader in digital experience analytics, Contentsquare helps brands everywhere transform the way they do business, allowing them to take action at enterprise scale and build customer trust with security, privacy and accessibility. More than 850 leading brands use Contentsquare to grow their business, deliver more customer happiness and move with greater agility in a constantly changing world. Its insights power the customer experience on over 1 million websites worldwide. Founded in Paris and with offices around the world, Contentsquare has raised $810m in investment funding from leading investors, including Softbank, BlackRock and others. For more information, visit

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