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Travel Platform VeryChic Sees Huge Mobile Conversion Gains

Sarah Francoise

February 27, 2018 | 2 min read

When members-only travel platform VeryChic noticed high exit rates on its site, it looked to next-gen behavior analytics to boost retention and conversion rates, and deliver a better digital experience to its 7 million users. And with nearly half of all bookings attributed to mobile sources, the company was particularly keen to address these challenges with a user-centered, mobile-first approach.

Data showed that 52% of users who entered the VeryChic site through a hotel page accessed via an email campaign ended their journey on that page. Similarly, 47% of users who landed on a product page bounced. The immediate challenge for VeryChic – which partners with over 3,700 luxury properties worldwide – was to make sure prospects who arrived on the site via these pages continued their journey by viewing more hotels and exclusive deals.

By using ContentSquare to gain insights into which elements of the site were causing users to hesitate or abandon their journey, digital teams at VeryChic discovered that a lack of incentives and options at the start of some journeys were stalling user flow.

These findings in turn enabled focused, data-backed optimization of problem elements within the page, including:

  • Making destinations clickable, encouraging prospective travelers to view alternative hotel options in the same area.
  • Inserting a row of other cherry-picked properties on offer, adding a further incentive to pursue navigation.
  • Highlighting the “Book Now” button, resulting in a clearer path to checkout.
  • Inserting a breadcrumb trail reminded users that they were viewing just one of many exclusive offers.

These fixes translated into tangible results for the company, and improved metrics were observed across several KPIs. Desktop and tablet traffic, for example, increased by 6.31% following improvements. Sessions on those devices lasted an average 16.53% longer, and the bounce rate went down by almost 12%. In other words – more people came to the site, stayed longer, and bounced less.


Two days after implementing changes, VeryChic also noticed an overall click-rate increase of 3.7%, and a conversion rate per click increase of 2.3%. Meanwhile, revenue increased by 19.3 Euro per click over the same period, which translated into a 25,000 euro boost in revenue.

With over half of all travel reservations made online, hotel and travel booking sites have understood the importance of investing in consistent omnichannel experiences for their ever-growing digital audience.

ContentSquare’s AI-powered technology allows businesses to dig deep into site navigation patterns, and understand how and why users interact with their digital platforms. By capturing 100% of user behavior and measuring the performance of each individual site element, our solution gives teams everything they need to make their digital properties profitable across devices.