Discover Creative CX’s insights on the significance of digital analytics experimentation

Meet Georgiana Hunter-Cozens from Creative CX.

By way of introduction, what is your role and what types of customers do you serve?

Georgiana Hunter-Cozens: I am a Senior Strategy Consultant at Creative CX. We are a specialist experimentation agency, and we serve customers across a broad range of verticals; we serve all types of businesses, predominantly enterprise-sized companies looking to continually improve the customer experience and innovate.

GH-C: Like many industries we’re seeing an increase in interest in how AI can be of use, particularly in experimentation design and improving customer experiences.

What is your most successful target market and what’s your ideal customer profile?

GH-C: We work across multiple sectors and markets. Most of our attention is on the UK market, however, we also work across EMEA and North America. Sectors we support include: Luxury Fashion, Financial Services, Travel & Tourism, Retail & Charities.

Our ideal customer profile is a company that is looking to establish and/or scale an experimentation programme that delivers a high velocity of quality experiments, and then scale the capability and mindset across their organisation.

What do you think makes for a good customer relationship?

GH-C: Mutual respect and understanding! My clients appreciate that I work hard to understand their website, needs and goals, and in return I appreciate when they’re receptive to my advice and trust our recommendations

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

GH-C: We have a great team at Creative CX, which helps, but our main differentiator is the power to help organisations not just understand their customers, products and services and optimise the journeys across the entire CX, but to help our clients to scale their programmes across the digital team. We fundamentally believe in helping our clients to become self-sufficient.

Tell us about a successful customer engagement you worked on together with ContentSquare?

GH-C: I share many clients with Contentsquare, as the level of additional insights we are able to uncover is invaluable. Recently we have been running a large test for a client with limited revenue tracking within their testing platform, so being able to assign a revenue value using Contentsquare has made it a lot easier to prove the value of the program.

What are the critical steps in your sales process and what do you focus on when building ongoing relationships with your customers?

GH-C: We always think the discovery stage in the sales process is fundamental; understanding what challenges, pain points, and potential needs a prospect is facing is key to being able to provide a prospect with a tailored and suitable proposal. Qualification is also key, but if you’re able to do a deep dive during the discovery session, you can generally work out if we’re going to be a good fit for their business.

Once we’ve won a client, it’s about delivering the services that we’ve proposed. We want to hit the ground running when we start working with a new client and prove value as quickly as possible. This is why it is so important to have a strong discovery stage, so we can understand any early potential challenges.

We deliberately call ourselves a consultancy (and not an agency) because understanding the business, their goals and challenges is critical to the work that we deliver.

What impact does your company have on the business growth of your customers?

GH-C: A huge impact – we help our clients provide a better experience to their customers – this in turn drives measurable growth for the business. Our clients have made and saved millions in revenue, ensuring they attract, convert and retain customers by delivering experiences that are relevant, easy to use and adding value.

On top of the monetary part, we’re also enabling these businesses to become more self-sufficient.

What advice would you give to those looking to partner with ContentSquare?

GH-C: I would definitely recommend signing up to the newsletters and webinars to get the first look of any new features!

What about your business and the industry keeps you up at night?

GH-C: I do worry about the implications of using tools such as ChatGPT – not so much from the sense of machines taking over, but more so the impact it may have on creativity, critical thinking and the generation of new ideas.

Fun question: What’s your favorite vacation destination, and why?

GH-C: I went to Florence last year and I’d love to go back – a quick flight from London, with tasty Italian food, drink and weather but without the crazy crowds of Rome. It was such a beautiful place, full of history and easy to walk around. We were actually in an airBnB next to the Duomo, and I had the best pasta of my life at Sabatini’s – I highly recommend it.