How JanSport increased conversion rate by 85% after optimizing “All Backpacks” product page

The Company

JanSport started in 1967 with two friends who were committed to making a durable, functional and versatile backpack. Since then, JanSport has designed fun and functional packs, bags and outdoor gear for both great adventures and the day-to-day.

The Insights

JanSport wanted to update and optimize their site to make it as user-friendly as possible. With some outdated features on the website, they needed data into what users were searching for and how they were searching.

With Contentsquare, JanSport learned valuable insights like the most-used search filters, that large backpacks had a higher click-through rate (CTR), that people were immediately clicking on the “All Backpacks” section in the navigation when visiting the site and more. With Contentsquare’s zoning analysis tool, they were able to leverage user data to determine what to feature in their navigation to get the highest conversion rate.

Contentsquare’s superpower is that it's so dangerously easy—in a good way. I love access to information. It's so quick and the analysis is so so so valuable."
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Ashley Peterson

Senior eCommerce Analyst

The Solution

Based on the insights, JanSport redesigned their homepage to feature a “Leaderboard” on their “All Backpacks” page to help users find items faster, without having to scroll through as many products. This new feature showcases the top-selling backpacks and also provides an easy filter system, categorizing backpacks into the four most-search categories.

The Results

After seeing the insights from Contentsquare and adjusting their navigation, the exit rate decreased, users stayed on the page longer, engaged more and found things faster.

The “in navigation” CTR increased 30% from 10% to 13% and the site conversion rate increased 85% from 2% to 3.7%. By highlighting the most-searched categories, conversion per click dramatically improved for each category and users made purchases with fewer clicks, improving the customer experience while delivering material business impact for Jansport.

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