How Pizza Hut drove $7.8 million annualized uplift in revenue through one A/B test

The Problem

The Pizza Hut Digital Ventures team noticed customers on their highly-visited ‘Our Deals’ page weren’t clicking on the deal cards, but they couldn’t understand why. 

We use Contentsquare to discover opportunities where there's friction, where there are pain points, where we can potentially improve the customer experience and where we can see the customers are having a tricky time interacting with our website. We were able to see the ROI within three or four months of having onboarded the product."

Tristan Burns

Global Head of Analytics
Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

The Insight

Using Contentsquare’s zoning analysis tool, they identified that customers were much quicker to click the “View Basket” CTA rather than the deal cards.

The team hypothesized that the lack of CTA on the deal cards themselves might be making them look unclickable to customers. So they decided to run a test to find out.

The Solution

The Pizza Hut digital team A/B tested adding a CTA to each of the deal cards.

  • Control: No CTA visible on deal card
  • Variant: ‘Select’ CTA visible on deal card

In the variant, when a customer clicked on the deal card CTA, it opened up the deal builder experience where they could select their choice of pizza, toppings and drinks, then add that to their basket.

They ran the test for two weeks.

The “Select” CTA was added to the variant version on the right. 

Contentsquare’s side-by-side zoning analysis easily compares the control vs the variant

The Results

The variant (with the deal card CTA) was the clear winner.

Extrapolating on the results seen, Pizza Hut anticipates an annualized uplift of $7.8 million in revenue. 

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