Increasing conversion by understanding users

Analyzing the checkout

The Challenge

L’Occitane noticed a large discrepancy in checkout page conversion between markets. For instance, the drop-out was much higher in Russia and China. They needed to quickly understand how users behaved differently in each of its key markets.


L’Occitane partnered with Contentsquare to conduct a step-by-step analysis of the checkout process. With a single snippet of code, L’Occitane could immediately dive into advanced metrics and data at the granular level from any country or custom segment.

The Sunburst maps all user checkout journeys, beginning at the Shopping Bag page. This Sunburst visualizes where Russian visitors drop off. For example, the overall drop-off rate was 11% for the Gifts & Samples page and 18% on Shipment, well above the international average.

The Outcome

Contentsquare used its advanced UX analytics platform to identify checkout struggle points specific to each market.

In Russia, which had the lowest conversion rate, behavioral metrics surfaced several key insights. Russian users hesitated 13 seconds longer on the Delivery page than the international average.

This was time spent finding the difficult-to-locate Address Modification button, a function Russians use more than any other country.

Russian users engage more with the assurance elements than peers, with the call center contact being clicked 2.52 times more frequently. Despite this, the assurance bar containing important shipping and contact information was placed low on the page with only 30% users scrolling far enough to view it.


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