VodafoneZiggo is the driving force of Dutch digitization. Founded in 2016 as a joint venture of Liberty Global, the biggest international TV and broadband internet company, and Vodafone Group, one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies, VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch telecommunications company building the “network of the future” in The Netherlands. 

Digital progress is woven into every decision the company makes. They know the future is digital and are working to build the infrastructure and technology The Netherlands will need to take advantage of this rapidly approaching digital wave. 

To learn more about VodafoneZiggo and hear what advice this leading digital telco provider has for other eCommerce teams, we sat down with Benji Coetzee, Digital Director at Vodafone. Here’s what she had to share: 


How do you become a digital telco company?

Headshot of Benji Coetzee, Digital Director at VodafoneOur ambition lies in providing the most captivating customer experience. 

To make this happen, and with the aim of becoming a digital telco, we focus on adopting best practices and eCommerce strategies whenever we can.

This can be done in several ways; first, by investing in innovative technologies to develop our product, like how we’re currently doing by rolling out 5G in the Netherlands. It is also about intelligently driving the business’ digital transformation forward and becoming much more agile. And, of course, it’s about having a cutting-edge IT platform, which can offer an outstanding customer experience across all of your channels all the time.


What are the top eCommerce features you would like to implement for VodafoneZiggo?

There are plenty of attractive features out there. The most significant features are the ones that focus on the product: product comparison tools, product email alerts, and customer reviews.

After that, personalization is key to providing a premium customer experience, such as personal online advisors or personalized promotions targeted to customers based on their behavior. There are also essential features like click-and-collect, voice assistants, and educational content that can help our customers in some way. 


In your opinion, what areas of improvement should businesses look at when developing their eCommerce strategy?

At VodafoneZiggo, our priority is integrating online and offline services. That should be the number one aim for any eCommerce business. At the moment, these channels are still too far apart. There are very few promotions that lead from one channel to another. 

That’s what we are looking at now – how to bridge this divide by integrating these two channels, rather than pitting them against each other or using one and not the other. That’s how brands can offer a seamless experience, regardless of the route customers take.