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Power digital experience analytics from one central platform

CS Platform serves as the foundation for all of our products. It provides a powerful cloud infrastructure defined by security, privacy, reliability, intelligence and scalability. CS Platform utilizes leading edge digital experience analytics capabilities with centralized configuration and management, enabling all the products operate seamlessly.

CS Platform Benefits

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    Peace of Mind

    Plug in and go – securely and with privacy – all while driving innovation.

  • Operate Efficiently

    A powerful backbone for operating your digital experience analytics business

  • Deliver Intelligence

    Make your team and your entire tech stack smarter

Privacy & Security

Put privacy and security first

Customers need to know that you put their privacy and security at the heart of all you do. CS Platform was built from the ground up with data privacy and security in mind. With industry-first cookieless experience analytics, out-of-the-box exclusion of personal data, encryption and tag security, and flexibility and control for your customers, we empower you to build trust with consumers.

We also adhere to the highest international security and privacy standards, including being compliant with GDPR & CCPA and SOC2 Type 2 and maintaining certifications in ISO 27701, and ISO 27001. Sleep peacefully knowing Contentsquare has your back.

Artificial Intelligence

Empower smarter decisions with artificial intelligence

Insights from data means nothing if it fails to result in action. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine leverages machine learning to score intent and experiences from trillions of interactions and data points across the enterprise to provide more valuable insights.

Based on years of learning from top businesses, our proprietary models let your team anticipate customer behaviors, feelings and intent based on current and past actions, ensuring your team can optimize the customer experience at the right time and the right place.

Tech Stack

Make your entire marketing tech stack smarter

Leverage the unique insights into customer behavior, feelings and intent not just within Contentsquare, but also across your entire marketing technology stack. Our certified and pre-built integrations and Digital Experience Analytics Open APIs extend the intelligence of our solution, enabling the rest of the systems your team uses every day to operate more intelligently.
  • Understand not only if an A/B test worked or not, but why. 
  • Target visitors with personalized offers based on customer intent leveraging your marketing automation system.
  • Dig into the why technical errors result in customer drop offs, in the context of your APM system.
  • Or use our APIs to build new and innovative digital experience analytics that meet the needs of your business.
Make your entire marketing tech smarter and while getting a higher return on investment.

Cloud Delivery

Run your business, not infrastructure

Contentsquare’s cloud delivery ensures operations run smoothly. We process millions of interactions per day and flex processing capacity to your business’ needs. With elasticity on-demand, our platform automatically scales to meet spikes in traffic, such as at holiday times, minimizing downtimes.

Our cloud model also enables you to capitalize on new capabilities immediately, ensuring your team takes advantage of leading edge digital experience analytics with minimal disruption. Focus on innovating and running your business, not managing infrastructure.

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CS Digital

Understand the why and build better digital experiences

Contentsquare captures customers' journey automatically, allowing you to decide what to analyze and quantify without tagging. CS Digital is your starting point with Contentsquare and your foundation for building better customer experiences.

Pinpoint opportunities and issues at a glance
Visualize metrics for each page element
Stop losing conversions where it matters the most
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An integration is a developed set of code that allows two existing technologies to work together. For Contentsquare, this code is pre-built, certified and approved for our customers to avoid the time and cost of having to build it themselves so they can get to market faster. Contentsquare maintains a marketplace of pre-built integrations between Contentsquare and leading vendors across all major categories in marketing technology. An API (or APIs) are programmable interfaces which developers can use to build integrations between two applications, configure workflows within an application or export data to an entirely different system. Contentsquare maintains our Digital Experience Analytics APIs, which are REST-ful APIs that developers can use to extend the capabilities of the Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics Cloud to web applications.

  • Cloud infrastructure provides the cloud computing capabilities for running software and delivery applications in the cloud, including all aspects of management and monitoring. At Contentsquare, the cloud infrastructure we provide supplies cloud delivery of our product, as well as the privacy, security and intelligence that powers the experiences we deliver.

  • Privacy is important since it allows businesses to build trust with their consumers. Without privacy, it becomes difficult for businesses to be able to ensure private information about consumers is protected, and even more difficult for consumers to trust the business. At Contentsquare, we put privacy along with security, at the heart of all we do. We ensure that customer information is always protected and that customers have full control over their data. We give the businesses we serve this power so that they can have the confidence to run their business based on consumer trust.

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