We sat down with the digital marketing duo, Maarten Westdorp, and Jan-Willem Wilmsen, from E.ON to chat about why they chose Contentsquare to help level up their digital experience analytics.

About the powerful duo – Maarten, and Jan-Willem 

As Head of Digital Marketing Scaling at E.ON, Maarten is responsible for scaling data and marketing solutions across the entire group. Jan-Willem is a Digital Specialist and part of the digital strategy team at E.ON. 

What sparked your interest in Contentsquare? 

Jan-Willem recalls seeing a Contentsquare post on Linkedin that stood out to him (props to our social media team for this one). “I first saw a post on Linkedin that I sent to two of my technical analyst colleagues and we then requested a demo.”

Jan-Willem also remembers meeting us soon after that at DMEXCO – the meeting place for key players in digital business. And it’s safe to say, sparks have been flying ever since! 

Before Contentsquare, what were the main challenges you had? 

E.ON wanted a better way to analyze website user behavior to understand what users were experiencing, and what exactly they’re interacting with.  

Before Contentsquare, the digital team was using various web analytics and heatmapping tools, to see what customers were engaging with. But with an ample amount of monthly website traffic, having fragmented data in different places just wasn’t cutting it anymore. 

Maarten says, “We have a large website with a lot of customers, so we needed to gain better insight into customer engagement and interest”. 

It was also important for the team to be able to analyze different customer segments and their digital journeys. Maarten explains,

“We have disparate groups of customers, so we wanted to gauge the difference between their behavior online, understand the challenges their facing, and how to improve their customer journeys.” 

What criteria did you have when choosing the solution?

Maarten remembers having two very clear priorities when it came to finding the right digital experience analytics solution.“We were looking for a technology platform that would:

  1. Be a good fit without existing technology infrastructure,
  2. Provide a visual understanding of data.” 

Contentsquare’s existing integration with E.ON’s customer feedback management software was a key USP.

“Integrations to our existing tools allow our CX and UX colleagues to view sessions with low NPS scores for validation and continuous improvement purposes.”

Compared to other platforms, what stood out about Contentsquare? 

Maarten puts it quite frankly, “We chose Contentsquare because the functionality was the best.” Some of his favorite features (so far) are:

  • The data visualizations of the Sunburst diagram 
  • The CS Live Plugin, provides instant insights on-page
  • The capability to compare different time rages and audiences

Most of all, Maarten appreciates the clear visualization of the data and the usability across digital teams. He explains, “It allows different teams to use Contentsquare. Our CRO specialists, web analysis, and the digital team all have access to the platform and are able to view relevant data in one place”

Contentsquare's journey analysis capability


As a Digital Specialist, naturally, Jan-Willem’s top picks are the form and funnel analysis capabilities that allow you to view where bottlenecks occur. “Being able to attribute revenue to content, to know which content is driving revenue, and where to optimize content.” 

If you were to recommend Contentsquare to a friend, what would you say? 

We love this question. Here’s what Jan-Willem says, 

“I’m really impressed with the tool, and when I saw it for the first time I was blown away. Instead of abstract data and numbers in columns, we can now really see what people are doing on our website. We can see their experience. It’s visual.”

And Maarten could only agree, “Contentsquare helps you take your analytics to the next level. It’s the next iteration of growing out your existing customer analytics. You’re not just getting in-depth data, but visual insights too”.

Any final thoughts?

Before we ended our chat, Jan-Willem couldn’t help but mention that support from the Contentsquare team so far:

“The local support that we have received so far has been key, not only helping us understand and purchase but also implement the tool. Yes, you look at the price and the product when looking at platforms, but the people at Contentsquare have been great and we have to give the team on the ground credit for their support.”

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