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Deliver better digital experiences with improved mobile app intelligence, comparative industry benchmarks and innovative retail media insights in our accessible platform.

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CS Apps

Prioritize mobile with industry-leading digital experience analytics

The world is mobile-first, start prioritizing it.

Session Replay, Journey Analysis, Zoning Analysis coupled with Error & Crash Analysis enables teams to quickly surface opportunities to improve mobile app experiences, maximize paths to engagement and conversion, and deliver a 5-star app experience.


Compare your digital experience metrics against your industry peers

Know exactly where you stand, and what you need to do to improve.

With conversion rates, average cart value, bounce rates and load time, you can quickly compare your experience metrics against industry peers, and importantly, what you should do to improve them.

CS Retail Media

Real-time insights for brands directly from retailers

Understand and optimize experiences and promotions on retail partner websites.

With CS Retail Media, brands receive real-time performance data from retailers on each of their products, pages, search keywords and campaign elements. Spot underperformance and identify your biggest opportunities by analyzing your conversion to cart and sales, and see how you compare to competitors. 

Our summer release gives brands the additional context they need to optimize and personalize every experience across mobile and web, and to once and for all eliminate the costly errors that impact conversion."

Lucie Buisson

Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare


Contentsquare’s first big step towards an accessible platform

Accessibility-driven interface updates.

The first batch of accessibility-driven interface updates have been rolled out using Contentsquare’s new human-first design system, Dara.

You will now see more accessible colors and increased contrast. This is a journey with continuous improvements to come.

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