CS Retail Media

Product and retail media performance analytics in real-time

Monthly sales reports are not enough. Give brands access to data directly from your site's analytics. Enable them to optimize their product listings and campaigns, drive sales and spend more on your retail media.

For Retailers

Enable product brands with data to drive more revenue

Stop building reports manually and give eCommerce and category managers self-service access to performance insights that they need and trust, without incurring overhead costs.

  • Quick-start data sharing without having to build in-house.
  • Enable product brands to improve the overall shopping experience.
  • Prove Return on Ad Spend to drive more retail media sales.

For Brands

Optimize your product performance and retail media spend

With CS Retail Media, eCommerce and category managers can get real-time insights into which products and media placement campaigns are performing best on retailers' websites.

  • Optimize your product listings to improve the shopper experience and drive sales.
  • Tie campaign performance to sales to measure return on investment on your media spend.

Key features

Self-serve access to real-time data

Product and campaign performance data directly from the retailer’s website.

  • Self-serve access for brands to assess each of their products and campaigns.
  • Real-time data for timely and efficient decisions.
  • No overhead costs for the retailer.

  • Most common use cases

    • Retail media analytics

      Product brands can track the impact of their promotions to optimize for sales. Retailers can prove ROAS and encourage further investment.

    • Competitive intelligence

      Product brands can see how their products are performing relative to the category, and have a benchmark to optimize against. They can discover which search keywords are converting to sales, and which products and brands are searched for the most.

    • Digital shelf analytics

      Self-service access for product brands to real-time performance data on exposure, engagement and conversions. It can be per brand, subbrand, product, page group, URL or keyword.

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