Preview of the cover of 2024 Digital Experience Benchmark Report


2024 Digital Experience Benchmarks

Uncover trends for crucial digital KPIs and learn how to maximize the value of each visit with actionable insights and best practices designed to elevate the entire customer journey.

2023 Digital Experience Benchmark report


2023 Digital Experience Benchmark

Measure what matters most to your users and optimize customer satisfaction to drive growth.

How to optimize your website


How to improve your website performance

In this guide, we cover the key metrics (CWV and otherwise) that you need to be tracking and present 55+ actionable insights to optimize your web performance.

Forrester’s free study - how Contentsquare delivered 602% ROI


Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study

Forrester finds 602% ROI with Contentsquare in new Total Economic Impact™ study.


Industry Mini-Report: Energy

Download our report to see where you stack up to your competitors and peers in the energy industry.


Why UK energy Suppliers Need to Join the UX Revolution

When it comes to digital transformation, no industry is safe. Energy is no exception. But while customer expectation of digital experiences have never been higher, Energy continues to lag behind others when it comes to UX. Is your online presence optimised for a new generation of consumer?