Use Case

Request Flow: +22% reach rate on the FAQ pages

Reducing customer service pressure for a better user experience thanks to Contentsquare. See how Engie, energy supplier, managed to reduce the number of requests to its customer service by improving the UX of the user journey.


Engie is the first energy producer and supplier in Belgium. With 2.66 million customers, efficient customer relations is key to keep the level of satisfaction at its highest.

Its request and complaint flow drives 41 000 visitors per month. Among them, 48% sent requests and only 26% visited a FAQ page though most of the answers to common questions are already on those FAQ pages.

Improving the efficiency of the request and complaint flow is key to reduce the number of requests to be dealt with and to provide a fast and easy answer to customers. Clémentine Vellin, Digital Specialist at Engie explains:


1- To ensure a better usage of the request and complaint flow and encourage visits to the FAQs, Engie started by a global analysis of the whole flow. Using Contentsquare’s Customer Journey Analysis tool, Engie noticed that only 6% of users directly went to the FAQ pages whereas 16% of them exited the page, and 18% were directly going to the “Confirmation” step. 

2 - Then using the Session Replay module to understand what was preventing users from visiting the FAQ pages, Engie saw that the UX of the journey wasn’t clear for users and that FAQ pages weren’t easily accessible.

3 - Engie also used the Zoning Analysis module to see which parts of the page created the most frustration to visitors. Almost 30 % of users were clicking on a non-clickable item and 1 out of 10 users only clicked on the sub topics.


To improve the user journey and make it easier for customers to make a request, Engie ran a series of A/B tests. The first one was on design optimization to make non-clickable items look less like buttons. Then, the energy supplier implemented catchy text to attract users to the FAQ pages.

These tests were proved successful:

-13% click rate on non-clickable items

+22% reach rate of the FAQ pages


"Contentsquare was a precious help. We managed to identify where we could make improvements to reduce the pressure on our team dealing with customer requests and most importantly, to provide a better user experience to our customers.”

Clémentine Vellin

Digital Specialist at Engie