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Bring your feedback to life

Contentsquare and Qualtrics integrate to visualize what happened before, during, and after a customer left feedback. Quantify the impact that your digital experience issues are having on your bottom line and plug revenue leaks quickly.

How Qualtrics + Contentsquare works:

Watch the exact session leading up to Qualtrics feedback

When reviewing feedback in Qualtrics, simply click on the Contentsquare session reconstruction link to watch the individual’s experience leading up to feedback and get the full context of their journey.

Use Qualtrics data to enrich your Contentsquare segments

In Contentsquare, create a segment for a specific feedback score to understand how happy customers might behave differently from those with a lower score. Further, surface the impact these scores are having on conversion rates and revenue and uncover why.


Quantify the impact of CX issues

Once you have identified what issues concerned an individual customer, quantify where the occurrence is an outlier or a widespread issue with a broader impact on your business.

See Journeys Leading up to Feedback

Using reverse journey analysis in Contentsquare, see the most common paths leading up to specific types of complaints. Further, improve your response rates, by surfacing the best timing and placement for feedback solicits in your visitor journey.


Trigger site intercepts at the exact moment of frustration

Is your customer experiencing frustration or encountering an error on your site? Leverage Contentsquare’s Live Signals to trigger Qualtrics site intercepts at the exact moment your customer is experiencing frustration, and provide solutions to your customers in real time.

"The Contentsquare – Qualtrics connection helps us to understand the customer experience, identify issues and take action. And being able to segment on survey respondents in Contentsquare gives us the full customer journey. The two way connection helped us to optimize the checkout experience, reduce fallout and increase the overall conversion rate."

Niels Digneffe

Associate Digital Insights Analyst

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