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Contentsquare for Looker Studio

Pull all your digital experience metrics from Contentsquare into Looker Studio in just a few clicks.

Combine with data from other sources for a 360-degree view of the digital customer experience.

Reveal the secret behind conversion

Contentsquare helps you understand how and why visitors are interacting with your website. Why are they abandoning and how can you improve conversion and sales? Gain quick insights from macro-level visualizations and drill down into individual experiences with behavior analysis.

With Looker Studio, accelerate speed to action

Augment your Looker Studio metrics with Contentsquare digital experience and behavior KPIs. Combine with other data for a 360-degree view of digital CX. Share insights with the team for greater visibility. Prioritize and align across the organization for faster action.

Takes advantage of Contentsquare’s Metrics API

Contentsquare’s Connector for Looker Studio integrates with the Contentsquare Metrics API for seamless behind-the-scenes data access. Instead of programmatically retrieving metrics via the API, customers can use the Connector to pull experience metrics directly onto their Looker Studio reports in just a few clicks. Contact Contentsquare to learn more about access to the Metrics API.

Partner with the most responsive customer success team

Need additional help or best practices benchmarks? Benefit from fast and local customer success managers. You can use Contentsquare autonomously or tap into additional services with the industry’s leading CX experts.

Join the 1000+ enterprises already winning with Contentsquare

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