The Digital Accessibility Handbook

Our handy guide to creating better user experiences for all.

We can do more online today than ever before. The internet has changed how we shop, communicate, learn, and make decisions.

But despite all this magic, it comes with one big problem: digital accessibility.


Our digital accessibility handbook will:

  • Teach you about impairments that affect people’s ability to use the web
  • Provide actionable insights about creating better user experiences for all
  • Give you a handy checklist to ensure accessibility on your own website
  • **1 in 10 people** are blind or visually impaired

  • **1 in 12 men** are color blind

  • **1 in 11 people** are 65+

  • **1 in 10 people** are dyslexic

What's inside:

The state of digital accessibility in 2021

  • The moral obligation
  • The commercial argument
  • The legal necessity
  • The toothbrush argument

How to build a beautifully accessible website:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Physical
  • Cognitive

Plus a handy checklist to ensure accessibility on your own site 👍

The accessibility guidelines you've been looking for

Are you committed to making your website more accessible, but are finding the majority of accessibility guidelines hard to understand and text-heavy? We hear you. And we thought the exact same. 

That's why we decided to create a handy, downloadable guide that turns web content accessibility guidelines from a difficult and daunting project, into something that’s easy to understand and implement for anybody.

From why digital accessibility is so important in today’s world, to the exact steps needed to build an inclusive digital experience for your customers; this handbook is packed full of up-to-date accessibility guidelines, useful tips, and real-life stories.

Web accessibility guidelines for everyone

Ensuring digital accessibility for all shouldn’t feel like a mammoth task that sits on your to-do list for months while you drum up the courage to get started. It should be simple. 

While it may require some dedicated time and additional resources, ensuring digital accessibility is a relatively straightforward process, you just need the right tools.

And that’s exactly what our handbook gives you; all the accessibility guidelines you need to ensure you build a website that everyone can use.