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With cost per visit jumping an astonishing +9.4% last year (while conversion rates dropped), every visit is now more valuable than ever.

Uncover trends for crucial digital KPIs and learn how to maximize the value of each visit with actionable insights and best practices designed to elevate the entire customer journey.


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Traffic drops in volume and shoots up in price

Traffic fell -3.6% in 2023, and by over -10% in several industries. 

At the same time, there was a +5.5% shift in traffic share towards paid channels.

Consumption drops as visitors disengage

Not only was traffic spend higher in 2023, but a great proportion of that spend was wasted. 

Overall, visitors engaged with less on-site content than in the previous year, with session consumption falling -3% YoY, and 58% of sites seeing a drop in consumption.

Frustration still needs fixing

Two out of every five sessions (39.6%) were impacted by frustration last year, with slow-loading and responding websites seeing a -15% drop in engagement.

Conversions are harder to come by

With less consumption, more frustration and a shift to lower converting channels, it’s no surprise that conversion rates once again dropped—by -5.5%, to be precise.

The global shape of traffic

The fall in traffic to websites was experienced across much, but not all, of the globe. Two notable exceptions were Japan and Australia, where traffic increased year-on year.

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