Meet Valentino Caporizzi, Managing Partner at atoms – Retex Group based in Italy

Valentino Caporizzi - Managing Partner at Atoms

We chatted with Valentino Caporizzi  to get his thoughts on the constantly evolving partnerships space. Below you find what he had to say. We’d love to hear from you as well – if you would like to share your thoughts in this forum, please reach out to: 



By way of introduction, what is your role and what types of customers do you serve?

Ciao! I’m the co-founder of atoms studio, now part of the Retex Group. I was lucky enough to discover Contentsquare more than 6 years ago while working for the Kering Group. Our customers are mostly large companies.

People’s behavior has always been complex, but common analytics have tried to simplify funnels and segments to find generic insights. I think the most important change lies in the increasing need to bring complex analytics closer to non-technical people in order to speed up the search for improvements. There is probably still much to be done on the approach of testing and all related internal processes.

What is your most successful target market and what’s your ideal customer profile? 

We have a long history in the fashion and luxury industry but we are working successfully in consumer retail, energy, telco, pharma and consumer goods. 

What do you think makes for a good customer relationship? 

The experimentation approach. We work with the test to learn in mind. This is not an easy path but when the customer embraces it, we can fully exploit the potential of the relationship and get faster results and a positive ROI.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? 

We have a deep business knowledge and internal teams dedicated to user experience and technology. Being part of the Retex Group helps us to cover a wide range of capabilities in the retail practice. I’m sure we have great competitors out there with different or similar knowledge mix.


What advice would you give to those looking to partner with ContentSquare?

Be ready to rock and be fully committed. You will feel part of the ContentSquare team, so enjoy it in every way.

 What about your business and the industry keeps you up at night?

We have a mission. We want to enable brands to build valuable experiences that are transformative, value consistent and purpose driven.

 If you had one wish of ContentSquare, what would that be?

Disrupt the testing and personalization industry. Too much?

 Fun question: What’s your favorite vacation destination, and why?

Easy question. I love Spain and of course Puglia, Italy, the region where I was born. You should visit it!