How TotalEnergies is improving the digital experience for energy customers with Contentsquare


Andrea Stoica

January 16, 2024 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2024

Delivering a best-in-class customer experience has become a top priority for suppliers in the energy and gas industry. Strategies have shifted from focusing on traditional products and services to improving the digital experience for energy customers. We sat down with Dirk Biesmans, Head of Digital at TotalEnergies Power and Gas Belgium (TotalEnergies), to learn how they’re strategically addressing challenges in the exceedingly competitive energy market, building brand awareness and leveraging Contentsquare to revolutionize their energy customer experiences with digital innovation.

What are your biggest challenges and priorities?

Dirk gives us the top three priorities of TotalEnergies’ digital team:

  1. Gain flexibility and agility in an unpredictable market. Dirk emphasizes the challenges posed by the volatile energy market: “Shifts in regulations and the global economy can quickly change prices, which has a major impact on demand, making it hard for us to anticipate market changes.”
  2. Bridge the brand awareness gap. Following its strategic rebranding from Lampiris to TotalEnergies, the company is now facing a brand awareness gap. “In terms of brand awareness, we find ourselves with a gap to bridge from our previous Lampiris positioning, which is challenging as we’re striving to get ahead of our competitors at the same time,” explains Dirk. 
  3. Optimizing  digital marketing strategies. The digital team at TotalEnergies is focused on investing in both traditional and digital marketing channels to enhance brand visibility. “Optimizing our digital marketing activities is one of our biggest goals, which we’re trying to achieve by hiring the right people and getting the right tools in place to give us the customer insights we need to make data-driven decisions,” says Dirk.
  4. Boost digital acquisition. “We’re aiming to drive digital acquisition via our website and subscription flows of gas, electricity, solar panels and charging stations. To uplift our conversions, it’s important for us to understand how users behave on our website, how they progress through the funnel and what issues they encounter,” shares Dirk.  

What stood out to you about Contentsquare?

Before integrating Contentsquare, TotalEnergies relied on Google Analytics and Hotjar to get insights into our user experience. “With Google Analytics in place, we could  track website performance and see where we were encountering problems in the funnel. Combining this data  with Hotjar, gave us deeper insights but  they were scattered across  different tools,” says Dirk.   With Contentsquare, TotalEnergies is able to get fast insights in one place, easily identify areas of frustration and seamlessly improve their digital experience. Dirk also highlights the immediate return on investment with Contentsquare and how quickly his team can get insights into their user behavior.

“The investment of Contentsquare does pay itself back directly because we can easily conduct analyses that not only identify where customer pain points are but also why they arise. These insights are invaluable to optimize our website according to our customers’ needs, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately boost acquisition.”

Dirk Biesmans, Head of Digital at TotalEnergies

How is Contentsquare helping to improve the digital experience for your energy customers?

The digital team has seamlessly integrated Contentsquare with Google Analytics 4 and Optimizely. This integration provides a comprehensive view of their customer experience, enhancing testing, personalization and transforming their energy digital experiences, resulting in an exceptional customer satisfaction.

Contentsquare also plays a big role in optimizing TotalEnergies’ digital conversion processes. “We optimize our conversion funnels by identifying drop-offs in our forms and analyzing where exactly the problem lies. We use Session Replays to deep dive into the friction points to understand why users are struggling and how to fix any issues quickly,” explains Dirk.

“In my opinion the biggest USP of Contentsquare is that you can really deep dive into any problem on your website. You can identify pain points in no time, see what impact they have and how to quickly solve them. You have all the data you need to make informed decisions in one platform.”

Dirk Biesmans, Head of Digital at TotalEnergies

Contentsquare empowers energy customers with intuitive digital experiences

Total Energies’ strategic adoption of Contentsquare showcases its effectiveness in addressing complex challenges, empowering companies to navigate the digital landscape. 

“We’re delighted to partner with TotalEnergies and support them in staying ahead in the dynamic energy market. A great customer experience is a significant success factor in today’s digital world, and we’re happy to collaborate with TotalEnergies in creating frictionless digital journeys for their customers,” says Abdi Essa, VP Sales EMEA North & Central 

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