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Contentsquare acquires Hotjar. We're joining forces to help businesses globally, from SMB to enterprise, build better experiences.

Two global leaders that are even stronger together


Two platforms. One vision to transform the online world

Contentsquare and Hotjar help businesses understand people’s behaviors online, to help them drive more customer engagement, conversions and growth. As the world is increasingly digital, access to these insights is critical to business success.


Helping businesses of every size make smarter decisions

Hotjar provides Product Experience Insights for teams at small and mid-market businesses, while Contentsquare delivers cutting-edge Digital Experience Analytics to more than 750 global enterprise brands. Together, our solutions will benefit businesses of virtually any size or industry.

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"The combination of Contentsquare and Hotjar has some interesting implications in a world where digital experiences are the basis for competitive advantage. Hotjar has a similar offering to Contentsquare but serves the needs of small and midsize businesses. Together, the two will create the first digital experience analytics company that serves the needs of companies of all sizes."

Zeus Kerravala

Founder & Principal Analyst, ZK Research

"To me, Contentsquare and Hotjar is a match made in SaaS heaven. We are both interested in the same thing: ensuring everyone has a great experience whenever they are online. And we want to go about it in the same way — putting our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do and building a place where people want to stay and grow while we do it."

Jonathan Cherki

Founder & CEO, Contentsquare

"At Hotjar our dream is to enable long-lasting business success by putting people first. It’s the thread that ties together who we are as a company and what we offer as a business. The more we spent time with Contentsquare the more we realized just how much in common we have. We all very quickly got excited about how we can pursue our goals and deliver more value to our customers – as one team, by bringing together our different strengths, perspectives and resources."

David Darmanin

Founder, Hotjar


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