CS for Apps - Tip 3: Thumbs Up!

Welcome to the CS for Apps Tip-of-the-Day! Here we go again. Tip no. 3: You know, building mobile apps is hard! Also did you know that the size of the user's thumb can affect conversion rates and app usability?

Entering the thumb zone

Use CS for Apps to analyze the app, and ensure the most comfortable and usable experience and the most profitable outcome for the brand.

When designing beautiful interfaces, developers need to think not only about the shape of the user’s hands, but especially the size of the user’s thumb! Designing for thumbs isn’t only about making targets large enough, it’s also about considering how the user holds their device.

Did you know that the average thumb can only access about one-third of a mobile screen with ease?In the biz this is known as the natural thumb zone. Other zones on the screen require finger stretching or grip re-alignment in order to perform a task.



And of course, the bigger the display the more flexible (and bigger) the thumb needs to be.



Ideally the app designer should follow a simple set of simple rules: use the GREEN zone for navigation options, interaction controls, share buttons and CTAs, use the RED zone for destructive buttons such as delete, logout, missile launch etc.

A common CX mistake is for CTAs to be placed outside the green zone. Making key functions such as the CTA difficult to engage with. Ensuring the optimum placement of controls based on the physical attributes of the human hand and the device screen size will increase the usability of the app and ultimately app stickiness, adoptions and conversion!


How CS for Apps can help

Use screen zoning to analyze the engagement with key controls on the page such as the CTA or the share button. Is the CTA easy to access after adding a product to the cart? Are conversions lower on larger-sized screens?

Why not use segmentation to filter by screen size (or device type) and then use the screen zoning segment comparison feature to compare conversions between different devices and screen sizes. Simply moving the location of the CTA to be more thumb-friendly could have interesting effects on the conversion rate and profitability. Who’d have thought that?

Engagement analytics provided by CS for Apps can be a key tool in a brand’s app optimization toolkit. Using our unique app zoning and segment comparison, our customers can be sure that their app UI design is optimized for usability and maximum conversions, even for users with tiny thumbs!

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