How Club Med increased conversions by 56% by understanding the behavior of their landing page visitors

Source: ClubMed

The Company

Club Med is a travel and tour operator specializing in luxury holidays. From skiing and long-haul getaways to cruises and all-incluside packages, Club Med offers luxury experiences for travelers who enjoy the finer things in life. 

Source: ClubMed

The Problem

Using Contentsquare Zone-Based Heatmaps, the tour operator took a closer look at how their visitors were engaging with the page. They discovered that the exposure rate at the bottom of the page was low, highlighting that users didn’t scroll very far. They also found the most clicked-on areas of the page were products, suggesting visitors were seeking easy access to products and weren’t very interested in the offers or additional content displayed on the page. 

Armed with these insights, the team ran an A/B test which sent half of the SEA traffic to the existing page and the other half to a list page showcasing all their products with a search bar and easy-to-use filters.

Source: ClubMed

The Results

  • A 56% increase in conversions on the product page

Thanks to Contentsquare, they were able to understand what visitors were actually looking for and convince internal stakeholders where the traffic should be directed to for higher returns. This enabled the team at Club Med to use concrete data to make informed decisions about website optimizations and, ultimately, vastly improve their return on ad spend (ROAS).