New Platform Innovations Reveal Biggest Opportunities to Grow Digital Results



April 22, 2020 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Contentsquare, the leading experience analytics provider, today launched new solutions to make sophisticated data-driven decisions more accessible to the digital teams companies rely on for survival and growth. The new Merchandising, Insights and Troubleshooting solutions provide visual analysis and granular recommendations based on the fullest set of variables influencing digital consumer behavior including content, UX, performance, product, and competitive pricing. 

According to Contentsquare's 2020 Digital Experience Benchmark, 97% of desktop traffic and 98% of mobile traffic never makes it through checkout due to issues and challenges in the customer experience prior to the purchase, resulting in missed revenue for brands. 

"Contentsquare continues to drive new innovations that enable us to easily understand the behavior of those visiting our website, empowering us to provide a superior customer experience,” said Mathieu Staat, Digital & Customer Marketing Director, EMEA at Sephora. “Using the Contentsquare platform, we can quickly and effectively identify and address opportunities across the entire customer journey — from the point of engagement all the way to purchase. Working closely with the Contentsquare product team means that each new release of the platform quickly adds value and helps us to be at the forefront of driving new innovations.”

By automatically surfacing and quantifying the biggest issues and opportunities for improvement across an entire Web site or app, Contentsquare empowers teams to confidently maximize engagement and revenue. Contentsquare’s integrated support for both troubleshooting and innovation is unique and key to its customers’ success.

According to Forrester: “Insights-driven businesses will grow seven to ten times faster than the global economy¹, [They] have an edge on the rest of us: Their digital intelligence (DI) practices synchronize digital analytics with digital interactions to continuously deliver optimized customer experiences at scale².” As James McCormick explains in one Forrester report: “Interaction analysis tools drive use cases such as troubleshooting onsite errors, investigating specific customer experience (CX) issues, reducing abandonment on forms, determining the best place to locate content, and watching video-style replays of user journeys to provide context for why digital visitors behave in a certain way.  Leading vendors are racing to enhance data and analytics capabilities that will make this technology more strategically useful³.”

Key capabilities of the new platform release include: 

  • Contentsquare Merchandising: This solution helps digital merchandisers decide which products to promote, as well as product placement and pricing to optimize online sales performance. It visualizes how a retailer’s price compares to that of the competition, providing real-time alerts if pricing appears out of line with other retailers on the market. Using these insights, brands can act immediately to ensure they’re satisfying shoppers with the best selection and prices at any given time.
  • Contentsquare Insights: A solution combining the power of behavior analysis with the scale of dashboard analytics, Insights surfaces page scores and recommendations for marketers, voice of customer and operations teams, ranking issues and opportunities, displaying key impact stats, and providing shortcuts to drill into user behavior and other detailed information. Insights proactively ranks pages according to the highest opportunity for improvement. It quantifies usability issues on those pages, showing possible causes, quantifying impact, and identifying clear next steps for digital teams looking to implement a fix or optimization.
  • Contentsquare Digital Troubleshooting: Customers can now analyze user behaviors directly within any workflow such as when exploring customer journey analytics or a low page score, increasing context and team productivity. New troubleshooting capabilities provide for the identification, quantification and prioritization of errors and behavior analysis options to more easily navigate and annotate replays for quicker issue resolution.

Other new features in this new release include enhancements to Contentsquare's Zone-Based Heatmaps providing the industry's most advanced in-page analysis. Users can now easily evaluate the performance of dynamic elements as well as see side-by-side comparisons of current versus historical periods, segments or A/B versions, all helping teams get optimizations into market fast.

“At Contentsquare, we know the keys to improving digital results are hidden at many points along the customer journey so we build our products to do the searching for you," said Jonathan Cherki, CEO of Contentsquare. “We analyze every possible factor affecting your site or app experience --  from product placement and competitor pricing to your UX and content choices -- to serve up insights and recommendations you can easily understand and always dig into for deeper understanding. We believe it is critical to arm your team with digital intelligence rather than lock it in a black box because scaling an understanding of your customers and how their behavior is evolving is the smartest business move you can make. I am proud of the innovations we are bringing to market today as they continue our commitment to empower brands to create better digital experiences, a mission that has never been more vital.”

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