January 17, 2022

Austrian Data Protection Authority decision re Google Analytics: Contentsquare’s statement

  • What is the Austrian DPA decision ruling?

The Austrian Data Protection Authority (‘DPA’) published on January 12, 2022 that an Austrian website operator violated Article 44 of the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) for transferring personal data to the US (Google LLC) through continuous use of Google Analytics, without guaranteeing an adequate level of protection as required by the GDPR. 

The ruling followed a complaint filed by Noyb (European advocacy group) on the basis of the Schrems II judgment that invalidated the adequacy decision to transfer personal data to the US (Privacy Shield) due to the lack of protection against US surveillance programs and access to EU individuals personal data by US law enforcement authorities.

  • What does this decision mean for Contentsquare?

This decision was directed to Google Analytics specific data processing and issued by a Data Protection Authority in Austria, and therefore does not directly impact Contentsquare. Nonetheless, our Privacy and Security teams are currently assessing the outcomes of this decision on Contentsquare’s data processing activities and data transfers to the US. 

We will provide communication on the result of such assessment once completed.

For more information on Contentsquare data processing practices - please visit our Privacy Center.