Form Analysis

Measure and optimize user interaction with on-site forms

Boost form conversions by understanding exactly how users interact with web forms; where they struggle, what causes them to bounce, or what may be unclear—all without the need for additional tagging.

Tagless setup

Hassle-free form analysis in seconds

No need to deploy custom tags for capturing form interactions. Contentsquare's industry-unique zoning technology captures form field interactions automatically, even when forms change or include dynamic sections.

Advanced friction detection

Identify and action on friction points to create better user experiences

Get a complete understanding of user behavior on forms by analyzing friction points in Zone-Based Heatmaps

  • See which fields are often left blank or cause customers to drop-off.
  • Capture interaction with every form field to gain a full picture of the customer experience.
  • Shortcut straight to Session Replay for further analysis.

Intuitive and segmented behavior analysis

Learn how different users interact with forms

Analyze and understand the difference in behavior of users who complete forms vs those that bounce.

  • Identify how many users started, completed, or failed to submit the form and understand the ‘why’ behind their behavior.
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your online forms, increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenue.

Most common use cases

Boost form conversion

Intelligently optimize your forms in line with customer data and insights to increase form completion.

Person completing a form successfully
an icon image of a stylized open book Case Study

Form Analysis in action

How Harrods used advanced customer behavior data to reduce cart abandonment by 8%

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We couldn’t have made all the improvements we’ve made without a tool like Contentsquare.

It's a fundamental part of our site analysis and I can't imagine moving to a company that doesn't have a tool like Contentsquare—it’s a tool I couldn’t live without anymore."

Nick Clews

Digital Analytics Manager

Frequently asked questions

  • A form is a structured website element containing numerous fields. Forms are used to collect required information in a logical, meaningful way. Forms are typically used for purchase orders, service requests, or contact requests.

  • Form analysis allows you to analyze user behavior on your web forms, such as how users interact with every form field or how many submit or drop-off. With specific metrics such as blank rate or refill rate, Contentsquare’s form analysis helps you gain an in-depth understanding of customer behavior on your online forms.

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