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Digital Trust

A purpose-built approach for privacy & security

Contentsquare offers industry-first privacy and security so that our clients can confidently build digital trust with consumers. We aggregate and analyze trillions of consumer interactions that demonstrate intent — such as mouse movements, touch and mobile interactions — to help brands deliver the best possible experiences to their customers.

Contentsquare adheres to the highest international security and privacy standards


ISO 27701

ISO 27001

Soc 2 Type 2

Industry-first cookieless experience analytics

Contentsquare does not depend on third-party cookies and provides the option not to use first-party cookies, while providing leading-edge experience analytics without compromising privacy or security.

Out-of-the-box exclusion of personal data

We block by default the capture of text and keyboard inputs from the website. This prevents sensitive data (such as names, emails and credit card information), from being captured by Contentsquare.

Flexibility and control

Your users can opt out of data collection, and Contentsquare clients can turn cookies on or off, purge data, and collaborate with Contentsquare to monitor data. Customers choose what is best for their business while being compliant with data protection laws.

Industry best practices and compliance

Contentsquare has a dedicated team of privacy and security experts who follow industry best practices. We undergo regular third party testing and audits and maintain ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 certifications, SOC 2 report and help our customers comply with data protection laws, including GDPR and CCPA.

Encryption and tag security

We provide strong encryption for data in-transit and at-rest. To ensure the integrity of the tag, we provide CSP (Content Security Policy) and SRI (Subresource Integrity) compatibility. We also conduct monitoring of the tag for additional security.

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“Consumers today expect standout experiences online but are not prepared to sacrifice privacy in order to get them. Contentsquare’s cookieless solution allows brands to stay one step ahead of the constant changes in the industry, and provides them with a modern, non-invasive way to access business-critical insights."

Contentsquare is your partner in data privacy & security

Digital Trust

Consumers expect you will keep their data private and secure. Contentsquare enables you to earn their trust by keeping data private and secure.

Peace of Mind

Have confidence that Contentsquare is leading the way and keeping you well prepared as privacy and security challenges in the industry shift.

Uncompromised Experience Analytics

Enjoy experience analytics that’s on the cutting edge without compromising privacy & security.

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