Version 2023.1.1

Contentsquare values strong relationships with its customers. Contentsquare believes that these relationships are strongest when our customers and their CS Service Users are engaged with Contentsquare initiatives and are active Users of Contentsquare programs, products and services. 

For that purpose, we present to you the Customer Loyalty Program, of which following are its main terms:

1. The objective of the program is to reward our customers and their Users for their engagement, for example:

a. experience and content sharing; reference calls for prospects or analysts, public testimonials, case studies

b. participation in the customer's programs at their disposal; advisory boards, Client Club, Contentsquare conferences

c. constructive and qualitative feedback (product co-construction, NPS survey, product reviews, satisfaction interviews...)

d. presence on the adoption podium; quarterly champions, outstanding usage

e. and much more.

2. Contentsquare calculates the engagement score for each User in the Customer's Account and regularly communicates to them the number of points they cumulate in a given month, quarter and year. When a new level is reached by such User, (s)he will have the opportunity to either (i) select a Contentsquare branded reward (e.g., CS surprise box, CS hoodie, etc.) - not to exceed a value of USD $30 per reward); (ii) convert their points into a charity donation; or (iii) continue to accumulate points until (s)he reaches the next level. Contentsquare will be solely responsible for the administration, storage, and processing of any points, as well as, for any compliance with applicable State laws, regulations, rules, or court orders regarding unclaimed property or “escheat” that may apply to the Customer Loyalty Program and unredeemed or unused points.

By accepting to participate in the Customer Loyalty Program, Customer, may in its sole discretion: (i) allow its Users to participate in the Customer Loyalty Program; and (ii) confirm that it will undertake efforts to receive the consent of those applicable Users with respect to the processing of their information for the purpose of participating in this Customer Loyalty Program. 

Customer acknowledges and agrees by the Customer that for the purpose of providing the Customer Loyalty Program to the Customer and its Users, Contentsquare shall utilize the services of JEUDIMERCI SAS (, located in France, as a sub-processor for Customer’s Users personal data. Contentsquare will be solely responsible for its sub-processor’s or sub-contractor’s compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, rules, or court orders in connection with the entity’s performance of its obligations in connection with the Customer Loyalty Program, as applicable.

More information on Contentsquare Customer Loyalty Program can be found at:

Contentsquare reserves the right to modify or discontinue, in whole or in part, the Customer Loyalty Program at any time in its sole discretion.