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Emerging Digital Behavior Trends in Travel & Hospitality

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Join Contentsquare’s VP of Marketing and ex-Forrester analyst James McCormick for a session on digital transformation and changing consumer behaviors for the travel and hospitality industry. We’ll discuss:

  • Which emerging trends T&H execs must be aware of to ensure success
  • The role of CX analytics in transforming the service offerings of T&H brands
  • What digital customer experience priorities will keep your teams ahead of the shift

In this webinar

The pandemic and other global factors have significantly altered how travelers behave today compared to just a few years prior. This means pre-pandemic insights on travelers have become outdated and decision-makers today are looking to get ahead of these shifting trends.

In this session, we’ll discuss what key elements of the customer experience are challenging T&H execs. We'll also advise you on how (and where) to adapt your strategy to cater to these evolving customer needs.

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