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The New Breed of Traveler

Expert advice on how to delight, engage, and convert the new, post-pandemic travel customer

Insights and advice from one of the world’s most prominent travel and hospitality brands. Hear from:

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In this webinar

In this insights-packed hour, we uncover the trends and online behaviors that’ll impact digital experiences in the travel and hospitality industry in 2022 and beyond.

In less than 60 minutes, you’ll gain:

  • A complete understanding of the changing behavior of the new, post-pandemic traveler
  • Actionable tips on creating digital experiences that convert better, excite and engage customers, and encourage lasting loyalty
  • Clear guidance on the digital KPIs to prioritize for success in today’s ever-evolving travel landscape

60% of traffic to travel and hospitality websites is via mobile

3.9% is the average conversion rate for travel websites

42% of visitors to travel websites bounce after viewing just one page

Some key metrics we will discuss:
Insights from Contentsquare’s 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report

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