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The Digital CX Playbook for Travel Brands

The five biggest digital challenges facing travel and hospitality brands and how to beat them to win.

A great experience in the travel industry is no longer about shouting the loudest or being the cheapest; customers are looking for a cohesive, flexible, and seamless experience. So elevating the digital experience of your travel customer is crucial to surviving in a competitive and constantly-changing marketplace.

Inside the playbook

In this playbook, you’ll gain:

  • Tactical and actionable tips on how to overcome the biggest digital challenges facing travel brands today
  • Access to eight compelling stories of travel and hospitality brands who are using intelligent insights to beat the competition
  • A deeper understanding of the power of digital experience analytics (DXA) for travel brands

Download the playbook to discover how...

  • Center Parcs gained a $22M annual increase in revenue

  • Thalys gained a 5x increase in conversions

  • Accor Hotels experienced a 15% increase in hotel bookings

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