Client Success Program

The CSP includes the following services, which will be outlined on the Order Form for every customer. Anything that is not covered in the CSP will be provided at an additional cost.

  • Implementation

    Initial on-boarding and launch on Contentsquare Digital Analytics Platform and on-going assistance to customers to maintain their initial implementation.

    Requirements Definition: Defines the requirements and associated timeline of the project.

    System Review and Technology Integration: Outlines integration approach, including tag preparation, platform preparation and data validation.

    Integration Assistance: Provides assistance with third party technology integrations.

    Technical Assistance: Communication and technical assistance throughout the process until successful launch.

    Post-Launch Support: Advisory service and access to detailed documentation to help you maintain your initial deployment.

    Implementation services are provided per domain¹ or mobile app², covering the initial technical deployment of the Contentsquare platform, supporting customers’ technical team enabling initial data collection & integrations. Post-implementation, customers remain solely responsible for the maintenance and configuration of their Contentsquare solution. If additional Implementation services are required, during initial implementation or for on-going maintenance of the initial deployment, they can be purchased as Professional Services.

    ¹ Sub-domains and sub-directories, are included in the implementation activity as long as they are related to the main domain site, referenced in the Order Form, and do not branch off to different unrelated sites.

    ² Mobile app implementation pertains to the operating system (e.g. iOS, Android) for any given brand.

  • Education

    Access to a self-paced, elearning environment complemented by live training for initial on-boarding and training.

    Online Learning: A series of online modules in a dedicated training environment that provide an overview of the Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics Platform and best practices. Optional online tests lead to certification.

    Product Certification: A series of instructor-led, live workshops to train customer team members on the Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics Platform. Includes a certification program for CS Digital on Level 1 (CS Fundamentals) and Level 2 (CS Expert).

    Virtual Training Webinars & Online Help Center: Online training programs led by CS Experts to train new users on CS Products and new capabilities. Online Help Center answers most common questions.

    Education services cover up to 40 hours. If additional hours are needed, they can be purchased as Professional Services.

  • Customer Success

    Ongoing account management by an experienced Success Manager, who coordinates and advocates for your needs aligned to your business goals.

    Experienced Account Management: Advocacy and management of end-to-end customer success liasoning with your team and with the Contentsquare team.

    Success Planning & Periodic Business Reviews: Initial kick-off and periodic reviews led by Contentsquare with participation from customer team members focused on establishing and measuring progress on business objectives.

    Regular Check-Ins & Partner Collaboration: Regular calls with appropriate business leaders and power users on your team, as well as collaboration with technical and strategic partners.

    Customer Revenue Optimization Expertise: Sharing best practices on how to build a top-notch, data-driven organization that optimizes customer revenue.

    Contentsquare Experience (CX) Community: Invitation to CX online and in-person events and communities.

    Customer Success services are limited to one country. If additional Customer Success services are needed, they can be purchased as Professional Services.

  • Enablement

    Expertise on Contentsquare adoption, best practices, and leveraging Contentsquare as part of your business strategy to achieve ROI.

    Product Training: Hands-on training on all products in the Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics Cloud.

    Use Case Workshop: Provides analysis on single or multiple pages, check-out, alerts and workspace creation, third party integrations (e.g. A/B Testing) or other use cases, aimed at furthering ROI of Contentsquare and providing your team on-the-job training.

    Share & Tell Workshop: Mentored analysis sessions where users create their own analyses; guided by customer success expert.

    ROI Methodology: Enablement on Contentsquare’s ROI Methodology to clearly measure impact and develop recommendations of insights delivered by Contentsquare.

    Enablement services are limited to one country. If additional Enablement services are needed, they can be purchased as Professional Services.

  • Support

    Worldwide customer support for the Contentsquare platform.

    Web Support: Support for all users via the web from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

    24/7 Availability: Support for all users by phone for severity 0 (critical) issues.

    Support Center: Access to online documentation for frequently asked questions.

    Support Communication: Regular updates on ticket resolution status and collaboration on resolution approach.